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Madelyn Moon – Health Coach, Nutritionist & NPC Bikini Competitor Talks With T&T!

Madelyn Moon – Health Coach, Nutritionist & NPC Bikini Competitor Talks With T&T!



How Did You Get Started In Health And Fitness?

I was fascinated by nutrition throughout high school and started lifting weights early in my college years. I really wanted to build muscle and gain strength, so I combined my knowledge on nutrition with weight lifting and before I knew it, I was spending all my free time reading about fitness competitors and their journeys. In 2012 I decided to step on the stage for the first time and never looked back.

What Is Your Best Accomplishment So Far? Proudest Moment?

My first competition was a huge accomplishment for me. I used to be the quiet, shy type but ever since going through my first contest prep, I’ve branched out in so many ways. I’ve had to be patient with myself as I journey through every phase of life…we are always changing!

In regards to my business accomplishments, I have been published in various fitness journals and magazines, one of them being Paleo Magazine. I have made appearances on a few podcasts as well, where I had the opportunity to share my testimony. I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing industry.

I have also built my own website and coaching practice, MoonFitness. My blog is really what launched my entire fitness career and I’ve met a lot of amazing people through it. I created my first e-book this year, The Moon Power Cleanse, which serves as a great clean eating lifestyle guide for all ages. I love spreading the good word on health and fitness and I’ve been very fortunate this year with my goals!

What Is Your Workout Routine?

My routine changes based on whether I’m in on or off season. When I’m in off-season, my focus is building lean muscle mass and I’ll hit every body part once a week, legs twice, and HIIT 2-3 to stay lean. Right now I’m just maintaining, so my workouts look like this:

Monday: 20-40 minutes AM cardio on stepmill: Glutes/Hamstrings
Tuesday: 20-40 minutes AM cardio on stepmill: Shoulders/Arms
Wednesday: 20-40 minutes AM cardio: Back
Thursday: 20-40 minutes AM cardio: Glutes/Quads
Friday: 20-40 minutes AM cardio: Shoulders/Chest
Saturday: 20-40 minutes AM cardio: Plyos/Legs
Sunday: Rest

I usually stay within the 15-20 rep range and perform every exercise for 4 sets. For legs, I stick with lunges, squats (all kinds), lying leg curls, leg extensions, leg presses, and smith machine single leg lunges. For shoulders, I prefer lateral raises, dumbbell presses and rear delt flies or the reverse pec dec. Arms are very basic for me, just a few dumbbell or cable curls for biceps and overhead extensions for triceps; back day involves pull ups, deadlifts, cable rows, lat pull downs and barbells rows. When I do chest, I do bench presses with dumbbells or barbells.

Top 3 Favourite Exercises And Why?

Definitely squats, deadlifts and pull-ups. They’re compound movements that require a lot of effort and attention to form; I always feel so strong when I make a personal record in these exercises and they never fail to add strong muscle to my body!

Favourite Form Of Cardio?

I like any kind of HIIT whether it’s on the treadmill, stepmill or a track. I’ve been doing a lot of stepmill lately to help round my glutes but it’s good to mix it up every once in awhile. Steady state running bores me to death so I like to stick to high intensity as much as I can!

What Is Your Diet Like?


Meal 1: ½ cup oats, 6 egg whites, 1 T almond butter
Meal 2: 4 oz chicken, 1 cup green veggies
Post Workout: 1 scoop protein powder, ½ cup oats
Meal 4: 4 oz turkey, 1 cup veggies, ½ cup rice
Meal 5: 4 oz chicken, 1.5 cup veggies
Meal 6: Egg whites

My diet changes a lot. Sometimes I will get really creative and invent lots of new protein recipes like bars, shakes, pancakes, etc but other times I keep it pretty simple. Either way, my philosophy is that food is more than just fuel; food is a pleasure and we should eat clean but still have fun with it. My carb intake changes the most depending on whether it’s on/off season. Right now, my carbohydrates are lower but as I ease back into off-season post show, the macros will increase so I can build more muscle.

What Food Would We Find In Your Fridge?

Chicken, turkey, TONS of eggs, green beans, asparagus, bell peppers, Walden Farms syrup, Celsius, pre-cooked brown rice and quinoa.

How Has Studying Nutrition Helped You On Your Fitness Journey?

Oh man, nutrition is my biggest passion. I am a certified health coach and I study health foods just for fun! Nutrition is really the biggest puzzle piece to health and fitness. Diet can make or break your goals and it’s so important to eat clean to create the body you desire.

What Supplements Do You Use?

BCAAs, l-carnitine, protein powder, vitamin-c, multivitamins

What Are Your Tips For Beginners?

Be consistent! So many times people get on board with healthy eating for a week or two and then fall off the wagon because they don’t see immediate results. The sooner you view health and fitness as a lifestyle, the sooner you will relax and give your body the time it needs to transform. Enjoy the process and remember to make your health a priority!

What Is The Best Advice You Have Ever Been Given?

“Your body is always changing.” This helped me to realize that it’s okay to not look “perfect” all the time. I’ll go through periods where I weigh more and carry more body fat because I’m striving for muscle growth. And then cutting season comes around, when I can lean out and then enjoy being more toned! I’m not always going to look the same, so it’s good to accept that NOW so that I can learn to love my body no matter what shape it is in.

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How Do You Handle Set Backs & Bad Days?

Set backs for me usually come in the form of self-doubt. So to get out of that rut, I usually do something that makes me happy like cook or bake. I love to share recipes on my blog, as well as take pictures of them artistically. Just getting out my camera and doing some food photography will usually put me in a better mood!

Did You Make Any Mistakes When You First Started Out?

I definitely made a few and I’m still making some to this day. The biggest mistake I can think of was trying to out-train a bad diet. You must eat for your goals to make progress!

Give Your Best 3 Health Tips That People Can Implement Right Now:

1. Keep only clean, nutrient-dense foods in your kitchen.
2. Create a workout program and find a partner if need be.
3. Take it ONE day at a time.


Your Best Tips To Getting Into Contest Shape/Losing Those Last Few Pounds?

If you’re just looking to lose a few more pounds, keep your diet very clean and cut out the alcohol. Contest shape is trickier and requires even more discipline. Make sure your diet is spot on and your workouts are intense. You can even try decreasing carb intake and increasing cardio!



Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

My motivation comes from my love for my self-discipline and a challenge. I have a lot of will power and bad food doesn’t phase me anymore, so it’s very easy to stay on track with my diet. I also love to challenge myself to improve all areas of my life, including my physique. So putting those two together and making health a priority has really made a powerful contribution to who I have become. I want to inspire others through my blog to make their bodies as healthy as possible. Not perfect, not extremely lean, not constantly photo-shoot ready- JUST healthy and fit. All that takes is good food and an active lifestyle.

Favourite Fitness Models?

My favourite fitness model is Jessie Hilgenberg. She’s got an amazing physique, a great attitude and a constant desire to help others. Her photos are always really classy and they show off her hard-earned physique in a very inspiring way. She’s not all about “me me me” like some fitness models can be, but she’s in it for the right reasons. Jessie promotes her love for health, food and fitness similarly to how I do, so I resonate and look up to her a lot!

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