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McKenna Smith Reveals Exactly How She Completely Transformed Her Body!

McKenna Smith Reveals Exactly How She Completely Transformed Her Body!

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McKenna Smith reached her highest weight after being evacuated from her hometown due to a wildfire.

Away for a month, worried about her home and without many other options, McKenna and her family ate out almost every day, and the weight quickly piled on.

After she got back, McKenna started making changes, joining a gym, getting a coach and sticking to a new healthy eating and weight lifting plan. Below, McKenna was kind enough to answer some of our questions about her incredible transformation.

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Gym: @newleaffitness
Coach: @klbreau
Coach: @jlbreau

Typical Daily Weight Loss Diet:

Meal 1: Two whole eggs and 2 pieces of turkey bacon or I will typically have a protein pancake which is 100g egg whites, ½ scoop of protein powder, topped with 30g of peanut butter.
Meal 2: Protein pudding – ½ scoop protein powder, 125g 0% plain greek yogurt and 15g of nuts.
Meal 3: 80g chicken or salmon with 100g of brown rice and 150g of greens. (broccoli or cucumbers usually)
Meal 4: My favourite meal! My coaches came up with a smoothie called the purple people eater which im obsessed with. 140g frozen blueberries, 30g of oats, ½ scoop vanilla protein powder, 15g peanut butter, and 1 cup of water. Its amazing.
Meal 5: 70g shredded chicken, 1 whole egg, 100g brown rice, 1tbsp of low sodium soya sauce, add any greens I typically put broccoli or green beans, about 200gs.
Meal 6: My last meal is usually either 40g of cereal or 200g of berries.

That’s a typical day for me right now, though my plan can change week by week depending on the goal I have.

Weekly Workout:

Day 1: Shoulders + Feeders
Day 2: Hamstrings
Day 3: Back + Feeders
Day 4: Abs
Day 5: Glutes
Day 6: Arms + Calves
Day 7: Quads + Feeder

How Did You Get Started In Health And Fitness?

My town actually got evacuated in May of 2016 which ended up placing me and my family in Edmonton/Red Deer area. There was a wildfire in our town for about a month and to keep this short it kind of put me at my highest weight. While we were away I ate out constantly. I knew when I came back I had to do something about myself which is when I discovered New Leaf fitness.

New leaf fitness is ran by a couple located in Beaumont, Alberta. Justin and Kirstin Breau are the two coaches who run New Leaf. After seeing a friend of mines transformation with them I was absolutely blown away.

What Was Your Diet Like Originally?

Luckily I have an amazing coach. My meal plan has always consisted of good meals which are still very similar to what I eat now.

What Was Your Training Like Originally?

Still the same routine but we had my cardio increased. Depending on the goal at the time I cans either be doing 20 minutes of cardio of up to 50 minutes.

What Is Your Best Advice For Someone Looking To Start Losing Weight?

Stay consistent. You only cheat yourself when you don’t.

Did You Make Any Mistakes When You First Started?

I stayed on track with my plan really well. I wanted to give it everything I had, I listened to whatever my coach Kirstin told me.

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How Do You Handle Setbacks & Bad Days?

Everyone has them! Whenever I don’t feel like going to the gym I just remember how good I feel after. If I cheat my meal plan for a day I don’t dwell on it I just pick up the next day and get back on track.

Were People Around You Supportive?

Very! At first, I definitely had people saying I was going to waste my money buying this program and not complete it but it gave me that extra push to do it.

What Are Your Favourite Healthy Meals?

Protein Pancake – 100g egg white ½ scoop protein powder (usually a chocolate flavor) topped with 30g peanut butter.
Chicken Fried Rice – 70g shredded chicken, 100g brown rice, 1tbsp low sodium soya sauce, 200g broccoli.

Give Your Best 3 Health Tips That People Can Implement Right Now:

Weigh out your food. Sometimes what you think is a healthy amount can be over doing it.
Never underestimate yourself and what you body is capable of doing.
Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s.

How Does It Feel To Know You Inspire So Many People Online?

Its such a good feeling to know that my transformation can inspire others, I was also inspired by a friend who used my coaches, which is what got me started with them! I myself even see some transformation pictures online and it kicks my butt into gear, so it’s so cool to know I can do that for some people.

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