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Jessica James – Cut IFBB Bikini Pro & Team FitBody Fusion Coach Talks To T&T!

Jessica James – Cut IFBB Bikini Pro & Team FitBody Fusion Coach Talks To T&T!



How Did You Get Started In Health And Fitness?

I was ranked 5th in the world for competitive cheerleading growing up, so fitness and conditioning was always a huge focus in my life. I picked up bodybuilding and bikini competitions after a few years of retiring from cheerleading. I became a certified personal trainer, helping train others but I always was fascinated by how I could transform my own body. After I saw my first show at the LA fit Expo in 2011, I was hooked.

What Is Your Best Accomplishment So Far? Proudest Moment?

Winning 2nd at the Tijuana Pro in my third pro show ever was quite a big moment for me. Not because of the placing but because the two weekends before that I had made my pro debut and did not place at all. However I didn’t give up and did my second pro show the weekend after and moved up to 7th. Next weekend I was just shy of winning. Proof you can do anything if you never give up 🙂

What Is It Like Competing?

Fun, nerve racking, long. Haha I love being on stage. Like I said, I grew up competing in front of audiences so I naturally feel in the zone. I’m a competitive person but what I love about bodybuilding its not all about how you perform on that day but how hard you’ve worked UP to that day!

What Is Your Workout Routine?



  • Pistol Squats: 6×12
  • Outer Leg Machine: 6×20
  • Hamstring Curls: 6×15
  • Donkey kicks: 6×12


  • 30 Minutes HITT Sprints
  • Upper Body Circuit Light (changes every time, uses all free weights)

    Wednesday 30 Minutes Cardio

  • Light Abs


  • Sumo Dumbbell Squats: 4×15
  • Seal Kicks: 4×25
  • Sting Leg Single Leg Dead Lifts: 4×10
  • Side Presses On Leg Press: 3×12
  • Leg Extensions: 3×15
  • Step Ups High, Lunges With Kick Back: 4×20
  • Donkey Kicks: 3×15


  • 30 Minutes HITT Sprints
  • Upper Body Circuit Light (changes every time, uses all free weights)


  • OFF


  • 30 Minutes Cardio
  • Light Abs

    Favourite Form Of Cardio?

    AMT machine. Highest resistance, taking small backwards steps only using glutes and hamstrings

    What Is Your Diet Like?


  • Meal 1: 1 cup egg whites, 1egg, 1/2 cup oats
  • Meal 2: 6oz tilapia asparagus 1/4 cup rice
  • Meal 3: 3 chicken 1/4 cup rice
  • Meal 4: 6oz fish 1/4 cup rice asparagus
  • Meal 5: 3 oz chicken large salad and mixed veggies
  • When I’m in prep. Generally stay around this type of plan but am a little more relaxed on weighing out food, adding sodium, unlimited veggies and about 35g more fats to get my calories up.


    What Are Your Tips For Success For Beginners?

    Work with a nutritionist to get your diet costumized. Everyone is different and not the same diet works for everyone. Don’t waste your time in the gym without having the proper diet or be ready to see slow results. Also, always have your workouts mapped out for the week. Keeps you motivated to go to the gym if you have a plan and hold you accountable to pushing yourself through the whole workout and breaking the habit of just stopping when you get tired.

    What Is The Best Advice You Have Ever Been Given?

    Be patient. You won’t be perfect in the beginning but you got to keep getting back on track when you fall down. Don’t make excuses for yourself and never give up on yourself. Use self affirmations and be your own best supporter.

    Did You Make Any Mistakes When You First Started Out?

    Oh my gosh yes. The list goes on. I tried limiting calories but not eating the right macros. I did cardio to try and undo a bad eating day, as punishment. I ran too much and forgot about weights. I barely ate during the day and binged at night. I didn’t have a plan in the gym when I worked out I just wandered from machine to machine. I didn’t mainly use free weights. I never did plyometrics. I worked out because I disliked my body instead of loving it. The list goes on lol

    What’s Your Favorite Exercises For Developing That ‘Booty’?

    Anything that isolates the glues and hamstrings! The key is to switch it up and really mind to muscle focus. Bulgarian lunges, single leg pistol squats, stiff leg dead lifts, donkey cable kicks, lying down hamstring curls, kurtsey lunges, bands step togethers (some of these are mapped out how to do on the fitbodyyradio YouTube channel)


    What Are Your Favorite Ab Exercises?

    Yikes. My least favorite. I just do stability ball crunches, hanging ab crunches and decline bench sit ups

    Your Best Tips To Getting Into Contest Shape/Losing Those Last Few Pounds?

    Cutting down portions and adding 30 minutes of HIIT cardio in the mornings and at night.

    Funniest Moment In The Gym?

    I realized my leggings were see through on my last set of a really long leg day. I’m sure everyone got a nice view. So embarrassing but I couldn’t do anything but laugh at that point ;P

    Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

    Myself. I’m very competitive and believe in myself 100%. I get motivation from the web and coaching my own competitors but at the end of the day I rely on myself to keep me going. It’s me vs me, and it’s really the only thing you are truly in control of.

    Favourite Fitness Models?

    My first competition bikini role models were the lovely Jaime Baird and Dianna Dalghren. Funny because I’ll be working with both of them for Fitness RX this weekend. Crazy what you can manifest if you never give up.

    Favourite Quote?

    Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, your right.

    For More Of Jessica James Please Check Out

    I co host a radio show every Wednesday at 10am pacific time called Fem Fit All with IFBB Figure Pro Jami Debernard where we talk about the female competition world of bodybuilding at!

    I’m accepting figure and bikini clients looking for a prep coach at

    Instagram: @jamesjessica
    Email: [email protected]


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