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Feeling Stuck? 5 Clever Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now!

Feeling Stuck? 5 Clever Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now!

female abs

female abs

Hitting a plateau is frustrating. You’re working hard & giving it your all and yet…the scale isn’t moving. If you’ve been feeling stuck, here’s a few tips to help boost your metabolism.

1. Move It!

Exercise keeps your metabolism going strong. Interval training, especially at high intensities is incredibly effective. HIIT workouts burn more fat & keep those calories burning long after you’ve finished your workout.

2. Bottoms Up!

Drinking water can also increase your metabolic rate. Some studies show that drinking a glass first thing in the morning can really get the calories burning. Be sure to keep up with it throughout the day, too. If needed, set a reminder on your phone to drink a glass every hour or two.

3. Pump Some Iron!

Muscle will kill the fat & your body will burn more calories even while you are sleeping. This tip goes for everyone, including all the ladies out there! You will not bulk up from lifting weights. We don’t produce enough testosterone to build big muscles, so we actually get tighter & leaner from strength training.

4. Eat!

Instead of three large meals, opt for five smaller meals. Eating every 3 hours keeps your metabolism running high all day long. When you wait too long to eat, your body goes into starvation mode. At that time, your metabolic rate slows right down & your body will cling to the stored fat. Just be sure to keep your portions in check as you add in your extra mini-meals. Don’t eat more food, simply space your calories out throughout the day.

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5. Eat Smart!

Eat the right kinds of foods. Choosing fresh & unprocessed food helps your body run at its best. That means a high metabolism & lots of energy. Some of the best foods for a metabolic boost are lean meat, fruit, & vegetables.
Don’t let a plateau get you down. Use these tips to bust through & keep right on moving!

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