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Want Abs? Try These 30 Amazingly Effective Ab Exercises!

Want Abs? Try These 30 Amazingly Effective Ab Exercises!

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We all know, “Abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen” and to achieve that ripped, ‘toned’ look, you need a low body fat percentage which comes with a healthy, calorie controlled diet. However, you also need to have something to reveal. You get this, by developing your abs and core like any other muscle. Training them routinely, with weighted and bodyweight exercises.

We have collected a list of 30 amazing ab exercises that are super effective at building a strong core and developing your ab muscles. Try incorporating some of these different ab exercises into your routine and see how they feel. Some of the exercises will target your lower abs, upper abs, your obliques or your entire core.

With any ab exercise, it is important to contract your abs and complete slow and controlled reps with proper form throughout the entire movement. Make sure you research the motion and complete it slowly at first to make sure you have the correct form.
Want Abs? Try These 30 Amazingly Effective Ab Exercises!

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1. The Side Plank

1. Side Plank

The Side Plank From MensFitness

2. Crunch Taps

2. Crunch Taps

Crunch Taps From Skimble

3. Vertical Leg Crunch

3. Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical Leg Crunch From AcutezMedia

4. Reverse Crunch

4. Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch From WikiFitness

5. Long Arm Crunch

5. Long Arm Crunch

Long Arm Crunch From FitStudio

6. Alternative 30-Second Circuit

6. Alternative 30 Second Circuit

Alternative 30-Second Circuit From AngryTrainerFitness

7. Hanging Leg Raise

7. Leg Raise

Hanging Leg Raise From ExplorerFitness

8. Russian Twists

8. Russian Twist

Russian Twists From HealthXTourism

9. Oblique Holds

9. Oblique Hold

Oblique Holds From Self

10. Plank with Leg Raise

10. Plank Leg Raise

Plank With Leg Raise From LeanItUp

11. The Toe Touch

11. Toe Touch

The Toe Touch From FitnessRepublic

12. Kneeling Cable Crunch

12. Kneeling Cable

Kneeling Cable Crunch From MensHealth

13. Uni Leg Teaser

13. Uni Leg Teaser

Uni Leg Teaser From Prevention

14. Bicycle Crunch

14. Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunch From PopSugar

15. Pilates Corkscrew

15. Corkscrew

Pilates Corkscrew From O2MaxFitness

16. Kettlebell Around The World

16. Kettlebell ATW

Kettlebell Around The World From SkinnyMom

17. T-Stabilisation

17. T-Stablilisation

T-Stabilisation From WomensHealthMag

18. Spiderman Plank Crunch

18. Spiderman

Spiderman Plank Crunch From MensFitness

19. Cross-Body Crunch

19. Cross Crunch

Cross-Body Crunch From

20. Swiss Ball Pike

20. Swiss Ball

See Also

Swiss Ball Pike From StrongAthlete

21. Extension Arrow

21. Extension Arrow

Extension Arrow From MuscleAndFitness

22. The Hundred

22. The Hundred

The Hundred From SpaFinder

23. The Teaser

23. The Teaser

The Teaser From WikiHow

24. 5-Minute AMRAP


5-Minute AMRAP Session From KamaFitness

25. Resistance Band Raise

25. Resistance Band

Resistance Band Raise From WellAndGood

26. Turkish Get-Up

26. Turkish Get Up

Turkish Get-Up From NextLevelPerformanceTraining

27. Three Quarter Sit-Up

27. Three Quarter

Three Quarter Sit-Up From

28. Power Wheel Workout

28. Power Wheel

Power Wheel Workout From PumpsAndIron

29. Reverse Decline Crunch

29. Decline Crunch

Reverse Decline Crunch From RobsRiches

30. Lying Torso Twist

30. Lying Torso Twist

Lying Torso Twist From VIPFitnessZone

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