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NIFMA Champion Jill McConkey’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan Revealed!

NIFMA Champion Jill McConkey’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan Revealed!



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Top Fitness Model & NIFMA Champion Jill McConkey Talks With T&T!


What Is Your Workout Routine?

Below is a sample of my training routine during my off season (during contest prep I would train twice a day, usually splitting my cardio and weights sessions (cardio in the am and weights later in the day). Exercises, sets, reps also change on a weekly basis (some weeks I would lift heavier and decrease my reps; other weeks I would use lighter weights with higher reps and really burn the muscle out). I’m a huge fan of supersets, trisets, drop sets etc and I would use these training systems in almost every workout.

    Monday: Legs (Quads/Calves Focus)

  • A1. Leg Extension x5 sets (20,17, 15,12,10 – increase the weight as the reps decrease)
  • B1. Narrow Smyth machine squats x4 sets of 10 reps
  • B2. Back or Front squat x4 sets of 10 reps
  • C1. Leg Press (narrow and shoulder width stance) x6 sets alternating between the two stances, 20,17,15,12,10,10 – increasing the weight as the reps decrease)
  • D1. Seated calf raise x4 reps of 15 reps
  • D2. Standing calf raise  x4 reps of 15 reps
  • D3. Squat to calf raise (holding light DBs) x4 reps of 10 reps

    Tuesday: Chest & Triceps

  • A1. Decline/Flat bench press x4 sets of 10-12 reps
  • B1. Incline DB press x3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • B2. Press ups x3 sets of 10 reps
  • C1. Cable/DB Flys x3 sets of 10-12 reps
  • D1.  Lying tricep extension x3 sets of 10 reps (Ez-bar)
  • D2. Close grip press x3 sets of 10 reps (Ez-bar)
  • E1. Tricep press down x3 sets of 10-12 reps (Rope or bar)
  • E2. Dips between two benches (with a 10kg plate on knees) to failure

    Wednesday: Shoulders & Abs

    I start with my rear delt as this one of my areas for improvement, also I don’t tend to isolate my front delt as I’m recently recovering from a shoulder injury and I find my anterior delt is developed enough from all of the other upper body training I do.

  • A1. Rear delt (reverse pec deck machine) x4 sets of 10
  • A2. Rear delt DB flys x4 sets of 10
  • B1. DB Arnold press x4 sets of 10
  • C1. Lying side lateral raise x4 sets of 15
  • D1. Ab stand – leg raises x3 sets of 10
  • D2. Knee ups x3 sets of 10
  • E1. Decline sit ups holding a 5 kg plate x3 sets of 10
  • E2. Decline Russian twist x3 sets of 10

    Thursday: Legs (Hamstrings/Glutes Focus)

  • A1. Goblet Squat (standing on two benches with a KB) x3 sets of 20 reps
  • A2. Glute bride (10kg plate on pelvis) x3 sets of 20 reps
  • A3. Kickbacks x3 sets of 20 reps
  • B1. Straightleg deadlift x4 sets of 10-12
  • B2. Good mornings x4 sets of 10-12
  • C1. Leg Press (wide stance – 20,17,15,12,10 reps increase the weight as the reps decrease)
  • Stairmaster (20mins)
  • D1. Unilateral bodyweight squat (squat down so that your bum touches a bench)

    Friday: Back & Biceps

  • A1. Deadlift x4 sets of 12
  • B1. Assisted pull up x4 sets of 10
  • B2. Straight arm pulldown x4 sets of 10
  • C1. Barbell Bent over row (underhand grip) x4 sets of 12
  • C2. DB single arm row (drop set) x4 sets of 8-15
  • D1. High row (using rope) x4 sets of 12
  • E1. EZ bar bicep curl x4 sets of 12-15
  • E2. Hammer curl x4 sets of 8-10

    Saturday/Sunday: Rest

I minimise cardio during my off season and would only do about 30 mins x3 a week, however I add cardio into my weekly routine when I need to during competition prep. I would start with 20-30 mins per day and increase it each week until a few weeks before I show when I could be doing 60-90 mins per day in addition to weights! I mainly focus on high intensity cardio sessions, but I really enjoy a weekly spin class or body attack class to mix things up!

What Is Your Diet Like?

My philosophy around nutrition is that ‘It’s a lifestyle, not a diet!’, and I’ve actually named my weight loss programme just that.  I believe the key to successful and long-lasting weight loss is for people to change their eating habits permanently. Making sensible food choices, reading food labels and being educated on proper nutrition

I try and follow a ‘clean diet’ all the time, obviously when I’m on my 12 weeks competition prep I’m much stricter than when I’m ‘off’ season. I would also have a weekly ‘treat’ meal on a weekly basis during my ‘off ‘season.  I make sure I follow a diet consisting of high protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.

Meal 1: 3 organic whole eggs mixed in a bowl with a teaspoon of butter


Meal 2: Post work-out shake (1-2 scoops of whey isolate & ½ -1 scoop of Vitargo)

See Also

Meal 3: Prawn & Avocado salad with plum tomatoes, spinach & rocket leaves, mixed pulses ( Soya Beans, Chick-peas, Pinto Beans, Black Eye Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Aduki Beans)

Meal 4: Chicken & greens (green beans & broccoli)

Meal 5: Salmon stir fry

Meal 6: A handful of Brazil nuts  or mackerel fillet and cottage cheese


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