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The Ultimate Beginner’s Advice To Losing Weight With A Fat Loss Specialist!

The Ultimate Beginner’s Advice To Losing Weight With A Fat Loss Specialist!



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What Is Your General Advice To The Average Gym-Goer?

First have a goal on what you need to achieve, once you have the goal make plan on how to achieve that goal. Stick to the plan till you reach the goal while measuring your progress. If you are not progressing then your plan is not working. Remember the old saying “What got you here want get you there” so always keep watching on how you doing and if you are not doing well you need to modify or change the plan accordingly. If you stick to this simple method you can achieve almost any goal you desire.

What Are 5 Simple Things People Can Implement Into Their Routine/Diet To Achieve Great Results?


Routine Tips:


Pay Attention To The Basics

If you need to become a master you got to master the basics like form, tempo, mind muscle connection, full range of motion, kinetic chain etc.

Warm Up Or Foam Rolling

Do some warm up sets or some foam rolling this will help you stretch the muscles and release of the tension out of the muscles before you hit them hard, it will warm up the fascia and get your muscles ready, give some disaster preparedness notice, that a storm is coming so be prepared.

Keep The Body Guessing. Challenge It

We all perform better when we’re under pressure, same with your body you have to push it and keep it on edge, while respecting its limitations. Remember if it does not challenge you then its does not change you.

Intensity Is Key

Keep your intensity on the check, forget the old adage “Rip and Rebuild Is the name of the game” intensity is the name of the game. Rip and rebuild is the science, unless you train at the required intensity you will not rip anything for the rebuild process to kick in.

Get The Magic Pill

There is one magic pill that can do anything and will take you anywhere you want go. It’s the Right mindset, so get your mind right. It’s all about your beliefs, if you think you can you will do it, if you think you can’t you won’t do it.

“Nothing can stop a person with the right mindset from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help a person with the wrong mindset” Thomas Jefferson

Diet Tips

1. Plan your meals for the week in advance, if you do so very unlikely you are going to fall off the wagon wondering what you are going to eat for a specific meal on specific day. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

2. Try to keep your blood sugar levels regulated through out the day, eating 5~6 small meals throughout the day is the key here, This will prevent sudden drop of blood sugar levels which will result in unexpected binges.

3. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, don’t worry about the calories or carbs in vegetables and fruits (Except Banana and Pineapple). The benefits you will receive are much higher than the carb content.

4. Stay away from processed and refined food as much as you can, and when you consume pay attention and consume mindfully.

5. Feed your body with all the proper nutrients it needs for proper functioning, the key to lasting sustainable weight loss is feeding your body right with all the nutrients it need, though most current diets on the marketplace suggest the opposite most of the time, which suggests to cut the calories and put the body in a nutrient deficient state and force the body to lose few pounds, this will work for few of pounds which will gain back later with interest.

What Is Your Advice To Lose Those Last 10-15lbs?

This is a tough one for most people, most people lose most of their unwanted weight but get to a plateau in this last 10-15lbs. Here is what to do in my opinion.

Remember “What got you here wont get you there”

Human body is the most sophisticated adopting machine that was ever created, the adopting abilities of the human body is so marvellous and its way too smarter than us or the diet guru’s who create endless fad diets. So if you lose some weight and hit that plateau what you need to do is change what you have been doing as your body has already adopted to the process and not responding anymore.

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Hitting harder with more intensity and cutting down even less calories is definitely not the thing to do here, but this has become the norm these days.

Tips To Break A Plateau:

• Change your workout, and add more variety – Try different exercises, different machines, do different types of cardio like swimming, mountain biking or hiking

• Change your diet – Do this while keeping a close eye at the nutrient density of the new foods you are adding to your diet

• Add fat burning foods to your diet – Ex red chillies, apples, grapefruit etc.

• Take some supporting supplements for weight loss – A good omega 3 fish oil supplement, some extra vitamin C with daily meals and a multivitamin if this is not already incorporated in your regimen.

As a last resort if none of the above seems to break the plateau carb cycling might be an option, but I rarely recommend this option unless for professional competitors or fitness models.

What Are Some Weight Loss Myths You Encounter A Lot?

As a weight loss specialist and nutrition consultant deciphering these myths are a big part of our job. Unfortunately the more we decipher the more seems to be getting invented by someone or some fad diet. It does not seem to get any easier or any better any soon.

In my opinion these myths are part of the industry and fuel the weight loss industry in some way. Imagine there was no weight loss myths and everybody knew exactly how to lose weight? So the best we can do is to decipher these myths in a better way normal people can understand and help them reach their goals.

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