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Weight Loss Specialist Dinuka Perera’s Workout & Diet Plan Revealed!

Weight Loss Specialist Dinuka Perera’s Workout & Diet Plan Revealed!


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Weight Loss Specialist & Fitness Instructor Dinuka Perera Talks With T&T


What Workout Routine Has Worked Best For You?

Over the past decade I have possibly tried and done so many various workouts and training methods, with all the collective experience what I figured out is I’m a hard gainer when it comes to gaining muscle, my body has gone through series torture over the past decade with various training methods and martial arts training so I got to go that extra mile when it comes to stimulating muscles if I need to grow them.

Though given my age and stage of life I’m very happy with where I’m today and I’m not looking for adding any serious mass, unless I’m in an commercial assignment that requires more mass. If I’m trying to add any then I find keeping the rest periods less than 1 minute and super setting or adding plyometric or superband sets with 15~20 rep range between each set instead of the rest period has always given me great results.

It will take your intensity over the roof so it will be a sort of a cardio workout as well, while adding some lean muscle. Lately this has become the norm for me, with normal sets I hardly feel anything or getting even the slightest burn, so I had to figure out a way to stimulate the body part I’m working at the time and stimulate it by doing whatever it takes. Super bands can do magic if you throw 1~2 sets in between your sets instead of the rest periods, those are the ones that has helped me to get that extra definition and loose that last layer of fat covering the muscles.

I pay extra attention to basics like full range of motion, form and making sure I’m hitting the muscle that I’m trying to work on etc, it’s all about the fundamentals, if you want to become a master you got to master the fundamentals.
My training split changes all the time and most of the time I do instinctive training based on my schedule, if my schedule is not tight then I do a 3 Days split or a 5 Day split and take the weekend off.

Sample 3 Day Split

Day 1 – Legs
Day 2 – Chest and Back
Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms
Day 4 – Rest Day or I might hit a body part that needs some extra attention like calves


Sample 5 Day Split

Monday – Legs
Tueday – Chest
Wednesday – Shoulders
Thursday – Arms
Friday – Back


What Is Your Diet Like?

I was an avid Men’s Health reader in my early twenties and thanks to Men’s Health I came across “Gregg Avedon” though his column on Men’s Health Magazine. After a while I decided to get his book for Healthy eating and Muscle Building called “Muscle Chow”. From that point onwards I started learning (Obsessed would be the correct word I believe) about Nutrition and making eating healthy habits part of everyday life. This has paid off for me so tremendously and it has been one of the primary pillars of my success for where I’m today and building this physique.

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My diet is quite clean through out the week and I take it easy on the weekend with 1~2 cheat meals during the weekend. During this journey I have tried possibly all the diets on the planet and after all these experiments I realized a balanced diet is the key to success in building a great physique. Discipline is good, but you can’t be disciplined all year long, most likely you going to burn out sooner or later based on how much will power you have got, and specially if you have got family, kids etc balanced approach is the best.

Fruits are a big part of my daily routine, apples, oranges , blueberry, spinach etc and lean protein sources like chicken breast, tuna, wild salmon and of course eggs.

I always keep carbs on the watch unless it’s a cheat meal and when ever I have a high carb meal I always have protein shake on top of that to balance out the glycemic effect.

Sample Diet

Egg salad or omelette with 4 egg whites,2 whole eggs, onions, pepper and tomato
½ Cup plain boiled oats
½ Apple
Black coffee
Mid Morning
Smoothie with below ingredients
Whey protein 1 scoop, 1 fresh orange, ½ cup blueberries and ½ cup spinach
Grilled or baked chicken or fish
Big leafy green salad or vegetables
Sweet potato or brown rice
½ Apple or grapefruit
Evening Snack (Pre Workout)
Salmon or tuna
Sweet potato or brown rice
Handful of dry fruit – prunes,dates,rasins
Post Workout
Post workout whey protein shake with ground flax seeds
Optional – creatine
Grilled or baked chicken or fish
Big leafy green salad or vegetables
Low glycemic fruit


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