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Australian Fitness Model Emily Skye’s Workout Routine & Diet Revealed!

Australian Fitness Model Emily Skye’s Workout Routine & Diet Revealed!

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What Is Your Workout Routine?

I don’t have a routine! I always change up my workouts and do something different. I barely ever repeat the same workout unless it has been a while since I last did it. This way my body is always guessing and it doesn’t adapt or plateau. I no longer strain myself trying to lift as heavy as I possibly can, I do more high intensity training involving circuits, intervals and sprints. I find it much more enjoyable and I love the results I get from this type of training. Instead of spending hours in the gym I get my workouts done quickly!

A sample of one of my favorite circuit workouts:

15 x 16kg kettle bell swings
15 x 16kg kettle bell upright rows
20 x lunges (no weights)
20 x reverse crunches on a mat

x 10 ROUNDS FOR TIME (Aim For No Rest!)


What Is Your Diet Like?

Sample Daily Diet:

Breakfast: Sweet potato & cottage cheese omelete
Snack: Green smoothie (apple, spinach, lime, natural yogurt)
Lunch: Fish & salad
Snack: Home made tomato soup
Dinner: Beef & veggie stir fry with brown rice or Zucchini pasta

I don’t deprive myself, I eat a variety of whole foods. I stick to almost a Paleolithic diet but include sweet potato, pumpkin, brown/black rice, natural yogurt & cottage cheese. My body and mind function far better eating this way. I don’t believe that diets, quick fixes and depletion diets are healthy for you and they put a lot of strain on your body as well as being unmaintainable. I keep a relatively lean body throughout the year and I’m always within a month of being “comp ready”.

I was severely strict with my diet before my first competition a couple of years ago. It affected my metabolism so much that when I started eating normally after my comp I gained 10kg of fat in almost 2 weeks! I was fatter than I had ever been and it took around 6 months to repair my metabolism. This is why I personally don’t like the typical competition preparation and depletion diet. Yes you look great for the day, but is it really worth putting your body and mind through it?

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