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Kate Writer’s Sample Meals & Daily Diet Plan For Losing 50KG Of BodyFat!

Kate Writer’s Sample Meals & Daily Diet Plan For Losing 50KG Of BodyFat!

Kate Writer aka Dedikated_Lifestyle (Be sure to follow Kate!) has one of the most incredible transformations ever seen on Instagram, after losing 50KGS in one year!

After overhauling her diet and ditching fast and processed foods for healthy, fresh produce, Kate began seeing results immediately and used the feeling of working out, feeling healthier and losing weight as motivation to continue going and lose 40KGS in 7 months (with another 10KGS in the following months)!

Below we have collected Kate’s favourite weight loss meals from her Instagram, as well as some ‘full day of eating’ plans were Kate shows an example of every meal that she eats in a typical day for you to follow along with and learn from!

Check out her full interview with us here:

Kate’s Weight Loss Diet:

When I was losing weight, my calorie intake was really limited and I was only eating around 1200 calories a day. Once I began training, this needed to increase in order for me to have sufficient energy and to function all day! So here is a typical day for me:

Kate Writer’s Example Daily Diet

Breakfast: 2x boiled eggs, 1 small banana (or other piece of fruit), 15g raw almonds.

Morning Snack: 170g tub of plain chobani yoghurt with 25g of raw muesli or a small serve of my home made granola.

Lunch: I normally have a salad (lettuce, tomato, capsicum, red onion, carrot, corn) and a protein like chicken or tuna. Another favorite is roast veggies (pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and beetroot) and a protein like chicken or steak.

I sometimes mix this with rocket and baby spinach to turn it into a salad. Each meal will always have fresh, whole foods (like veggies or salad) and a protein source. I sometimes throw some brown rice in there as well if I am feeling as though I need extra carbs.

Dinner: Dinner is varied, but again it always contains veggies and protein. So think stir-fry’s, stuffed mushrooms, zucchini pasta, frittata’s or sometimes just plain old chicken and veg.

Dessert: If I am really feeling as though I need something sweet, I try to have it in small amounts, like 1 piece of chocolate or one spoonful of ice cream. My self-control is good enough now for me to be able to stop after one bite. If you aren’t able to do that, then yoghurt is a great substitute for ice cream or you can get your hands on some raw treats and slices that allow you to feel naughty but still provide you with nutrients.

Kate Writer Lost Over 50KGS In A Year To Completely Transform Her Body!

Example Of Typical Shopping Trip

Below is a typical shopping trip for Kate. You can see lots of vegetables, lots of fruit, steak, chobani plain yoghurt, salad, almond milk and tuna. You can see how Kate uses these food and ingredients above in her daily diet.


Kate Write Sample Instagram Meals

High protein bagel with cottage cheese, avocado and pea smash and sweet snacking tomatoes. They’re the “Multigrain & Seed” bagels from @myproteinau and each one has 26 GRAMS OF PROTEIN!

New Salad Combo. Rocket and baby spinach, Kangaroo sausages (cooked and sliced) Sweet snacking tomatoes. Then pan fry the folllwing ingredients with a tiny bit of coconut oil, coconut aminos (clean stir fry sauce) and seasoning of choice (I use @mingleseasoning): Pumpkin, Zucchini, Capsicum (peppers), Red onion, Mushroom. This whole bowl was only 315calories! 29 C | 5 F | 42 P.

“Green room protein bowl”! 👊🏼💪🏼 – Kale, asparagus and broccolini topped with a poached egg, house made vegan pesto & dukkah, and I added chicken of course.

There’s nothing better than fresh sourdough, some ripe avocado and perfectly poached eggs Feta, dukkah and smashed peas just add to the beauty.

Monday morning protein pancakes These were white chocolate choc chip pancakes served with seasonal fruits, crushed nuts and swirled peanut butter All made from scratch too-no pre packaged mix! Comment below if you want the recipe Meal total (including all toppings) – 449cals: 50 C | 11 F | 40 P

Baby spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, onion, corn, baby beetroot, sweet potato, feta, avocado, eye fillet and an Asian dressing. 411cals: 33 C | 18 F | 27 P

Taco/burrito bowl made a comeback tonight! Made with kangaroo mince. This is easily one of my favorite meals, and it tastes just as good as it looks – 441cals : 27 C | 13 F | 52 P

Roast pumpkin, green beans, snow peas, broccolini, garden peas, broad beans, grilled eye fillet steak and no sugar BBQ sauce 354cals: 29 C | 6 P | 42 P

Oven baked fish w bulk salad (baby spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms, corn, red onion, beetroot and roast pumpkin) topped with light mayo.

Egg white peanut butter oats topped with white chocolate peanut butter, blueberries, raspberries, cookies and cream cookie, crushed nuts and no sugar maple syrup 504cals: 40 C | 17 F | 47 P

Definitely one of my go to meals for high volume and low calorie 40g spinach, 10g rocket, 100g pumpkin (raw weight) *roasted*, 65g Low GI potato (raw weight) *roasted*, 15g corn kernels, 50g cherry tomatoes, 50g mushrooms, 15g capsicum, 10g red onion, 90g chicken breast, 10mls balsamic glaze – 244cals: 25C|3F|29P

Baby spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, red onion, roast pumpkin, beetroot, maple candied walnuts, eye fillet, feta and balsamic glaze 👏🏼🙌🏼 Dinner came in at 327cals (slightly bigger serve) and lunch was 288cals.

Vegetarian burger and fries 😍🍔🍟👌🏼 Another healthy version of an old favorite – Lentil patty in a lettuce leaf cup (my “bun”) filled with tomato, capsicum, red onion, corn, mushroom, light cheese and light mayo. I then paired this deliciousness with some sweet potato and low GI potato chips 🙌🏼 374cals: 37 C | 12 F | 22 P

Here are 4 pretty standard dinners for me. All packed with real ingredients and loads of micronutrients! My meals will always contain a protein source and loads of veggies-sometimes these are roasted, sometimes they’re steamed and sometimes they’re in a salad.

This was simply pan fried chicken breast with a side of steamed veggies (I didn’t use the butter 👍🏼).

A big bowl of vanilla, white chocolate and peanut butter egg white pro-oats.

This was an oven baked sweet potato topped with lean beef mince, weight watchers bacon, brown onion, capsicum, reduced sugar BBQ sauce and reduced fat cheese-all paired with beans, snow peas, zucchini, broccoli and corn 😍 Make sure you’re getting those micronutrients in and fueling your body properly, not just focusing on “low calorie”! 421cals: 41 C | 9 F | 42 P

2 eggs, 100g egg whites and 15g light cheese to make the omelette, which was topped with mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, corn, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, pulled chicken and low sugar BBQ sauce. This packed a whopping 59g of protein all from real food, not a protein shake!

Roasted Veggies With Meat & Bacon. 331cals 33 C | 6 F | 34 P

Baby spinach, roast pumpkin, roast sweet potato, broccoli, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, chicken breast and a dressing of @chobaniau Greek yoghurt, Praise light mayonnaise, whole grain mustard and fresh lemon juice 😍🙌🏼 354 cals: 46 C | 6 F | 34 P

Vanilla and peanut butter protein oats topped with frozen berries, @thebarcounter chocolate brownie protein bar, @mayversfood peanut butter, no sugar maple syrup and a sprinkle of @mingleseasoning “Stella” 🙌🏼 462cals: 34 C | 14 F | 41 P

This is my version of carbonara 🍝 The sauce was simply @chobaniau Greek yogurt, coconut milk, cottage cheese, high protein cheese and an egg. This meal had 0 meat and still packed 43 grams of protein 👊🏼 and this whole bowl was only 400 calories-way less than your standard bowl of cream laden carbonara

Homemade chips (low GI potatoes and sweet potato) with salsa, lean beef mince, kidney beans, high protein cheese, Greek yoghurt and guacamole with red onion and corn.

Full Day OF Eatings

Meal 1 – Post workout – (7:30am): 2 boiled eggs rolled in salt and pepper

See Also

Meal 2 – Breakfast – (8am): 200g @chobaniau Greek yoghurt with 15g Uncle Toby’s Ancient Grains Oats, 15g Macro Rolled Oats, 50g blueberries and 10g White Choc Wonderful peanut butter

Meal 3 – Morning Tea – (10:30am): 75g carrot sticks, 50g green beans, 25g snowpeas, @chobaniau caramelized onion dip and a salted caramel protein bite.

Meal 4 – Lunch – (1pm) @gymfoodaustralia Mango chicken with 50g green beans and 50g snow peas added, plus 30g of a @sneaky_wholefoods peanut butter caramel snuck snack bar.

Meal 5 – Afternoon Tea – (4:30pm): Banana choc chip protein smoothie (ice cubes, banana, cacao nibs, vanilla protein and coconut milk topped with light whipped cream).

Meal 5 – Dinner – (7pm): Kangaroo sausages, No sugar BBQ sauce, roast pumpkin mash, peas and corn.

Meal 6 – Dessert – (7:45pm): No added sugar vanilla ice cream with 4 crushed TeeVee snacks, 12g @mayversfood Dark roasted peanut butter and a mini kinder Santa chocolate

2 things not pictured, 55g banana (eaten pre workout) and 1 mini milko lolly

Day total = 1963calories : 194C | 65F | 160P

Meal 1 – Breakfast – (7:45am): 2 boiled eggs rolled in salt and pepper. I train 5:30-7am so these are eaten post-workout on the way to work.

Meal 2 – Morning Tea – (10:30am): 170g @chobaniau yoghurt with 22g Carmen’s Bircher Muesli and 3g Cacao Nibs to make 25g total toppings.

Meal 3 – Lunch – (1pm): @gymfoodaustralia Chicken spaghetti bolognese, to this I added peas, corn and zucchini noodles. –

Meal 4 – Afternoon Tea – (5pm): Banana choc chip protein smoothie (ice cubes, banana, cacao nibs, vanilla protein and coconut milk).

Meal 5 – Dinner – (7pm): @gymfoodaustralia Honey mustard chicken with broccoli, to this I added baked pumpkin, steamed beans, snow peas and broccolini. –

Meal 6 – Dessert – (8pm): White magnum ice cream

Day total = 1538calories : 137C | 55F | 121P

Meal 1 – Breakfast – (7:45am): 2 boiled eggs rolled in salt and pepper. I train 5:30-7am so these are eaten post-workout on the way to work.

Meal 2 – Morning Tea – (10:30am): 170g Chobani yoghurt with 22g Carmen’s Bircher Muesli and 3g Cacao Nibs to make 25g total toppings.

Meal 3 – Lunch – (1pm): Lean beef mince cooked with onion, capsicum and reduced sugar BBQ sauce. Mixed in with steamed beans, snow peas and broccolini + roast pumpkin and baby carisma potatoes.

Meal 4 – Afternoon Tea – (4:30pm): Pineapple, rock melon, strawberries and kiwi fruit .

Meal 5 – Dinner – (6:30pm): Turkey breast and mixed vegetable massaman curry (veggies were pumpkin, broccolini, beans, zucchini, carrot, capsicum, onion) with cauliflower rice.

Meal 6 – Dessert – (7:30pm): “Gaynetto” ice cream, one square of Cadbury coconut rough chocolate and one mini milk chocolate rice and with crunchy peanut butter 😍

Day total = 1359calories : 130 C | 44 F | 111 P

Meal 1 – Breakfast – (7:45am): 2 boiled eggs rolled in salt and pepper. I train 5:30-7am so these are eaten post-workout on the way to work.

Meal 2 – Morning Tea – (10:35am): 170g Chobani yoghurt with 22g Carmen’s Bircher Muesli and 3g Cacao Nibs to make 25g total toppings.

Meal 3 – Lunch – (1pm): Turkey breast with mixed veggies (broccolini, snow peas, sugar snap peas, zucchini, baby brussel sprouts, asparagus, green beans, roast baby carisma potatoes, roast sweet potato, roast carrot, roast pumpkin) and reduced sugar BBQ sauce. A full run down was on my snap story on Sunday afternoon-don’t forget to watch them!

Meal 4 – Afternoon Tea – (4:30pm): Strawberries, kiwi fruit and watermelon.

Meal 5 – Dinner – (6:30pm): Roast veggie and chicken salad (baby spinach, rocket, roast carisma potato, roast sweet potato, roast pumpkin, roast cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, red onion, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes). Dressing is 40g chobani, 10g light mayo, 5g whole grain mustard, salt and pepper, and a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Meal 6 – Dessert – (7:30pm): No sugar added vanilla ice cream, reduced fat cookie dough ice cream, Buff Bake choc chip peanut butter cookie, Buff Bake white choc chip peanut butter cookie, Sneaky Wholefoods peanut butter and cacao super bomb, Mayvers crunchy peanut butter and a sprinkling of crushed peanuts and almonds 😍 Can you tell I like peanut butter?

Day total = 1637 calories : 170 C | 50 F | 128 P

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