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Tomas Klic – Czech Fitness Model, Personal Trainer & IFBB Physique Pro Talks To T&T!

Tomas Klic – Czech Fitness Model, Personal Trainer & IFBB Physique Pro Talks To T&T!



How Did You Get Started In Bodybuilding?

I started when i was 16 years old. I was playing ice hockey, so i wanted to be stronger and push myself forward.

What Is Your Best Accomplishment So Far?

Winning the Arnold Classic 2013. There were more than 100 competitors in my category, so that feeling of winning after all of the sacrifice and hard work was definitely one of the proudest moments in my life. Second moment was passing the entrance tests to Pharmacy University.

What Workout Routine Has Worked Best For You?

I’m training 6 times per week – every bodypart twice a week. I’m training with heavy weights at the beginning of the training and at the end i use low weights with more reps (15-30) to pump it up and shock muscles as much as possible. When i need to cut down i‘m doing more cardio – usually 30-60mins after training.

Monday: Chest (heavy), Biceps, Cardio
Tuesday: Back, Triceps, Abs
Wednesday: Legs, Calves, Shoulders, Cardio
Thursday: Chest (light), Abs
Friday: Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Cardio
Saturday: Full Body + Abs
Sunday: Rest

“During each workout I train every bodypart from every angle but I train chest 3 times per week with many different training methods (Y3T, FST-7,…). I switch up the exercises for each bodypart every workout and I choose them at the gym right before training.

Top 3 Favourite Exercises And Why?

Incline Dumbell Press: Because it gives a really good pump to your upper pecs hehe

Squats: I was doing squats quite frequently before i had problems with my back injury, it’s the one of the best exercises to put on mass not only to your legs but to whole body, so guys – don’t skip leg days!

Russian Twists: Great exercise for ripped obliques!

Tomas Klic Bodybuilding Motivation Video


Favourite Form Of Cardio?

Low intensity incline walking

What Is Your Diet Like?

My philosophy on nutrition is to listen to your body. Don’t overeat and don‘t starve as well. Of course this applies especially in the off-season. In pre-contest diet I do carb cycling, which works great for me.

Breakfast: Omelette made with oats and eggs (80g oats, 6 egg whites, 2 yolks)
Snack: Tuna (150g), whole corn bread (150g), veggies
Snack: Protein shake (1 scoop), fruit (banana, apple)
Lunch: Chicken breast (200g), rice (130g), veggies
Post Workout: whey protein (1 scoop)
Dinner: Beef (200g), veggies
Before Sleep: Quark (250g)


Any Classic Healthy Meals That You Always Eat?

My daily diet consists of chicken breast, beef, eggs, cottage. I get carbs from rice, potatoes or oats and healthy fats from almonds. When I cheat, I visit my grandma, because she makes the best pancakes under the sun 

What Supplements Do You Use?

Whey protein, caffeine, synephrine, glutamin, BCAA‘s and pre-workout supplements like Jack3d or Assault.

What Are Your Tips For Success For Beginners?

Follow the diet and train hard. Be consistent and you will get your desired results sooner or later. Don’t pay too much attention to supplements.

What Is The Best Advice You Have Ever Been Given?

It was something like: “Hey bro, why don’t you try the Men’s Physique competition?“ 🙂

Did You Make Any Mistakes When You First Started Out?

As I wrote above – I didn’t follow any diet and paid too much attention on supplements.

What Are Your Favorite Ab Exercises?

Russian Twists, Incline Leg Raises

Your Best Tips For Losing Those Last Few Pounds?

Increasing the cardio and training intensity. I had problems with my condition a few weeks before my last competition, so I had to increase cardio to 2 hours daily.

What’s Your Gym Playlist Like?

Trance & House Music!

Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

Trying to realize my body’s maximum potential for an epic physique and improving every day step by step, that’s what I love and what motivates me.

Favourite Bodybuilders? Inspirations?

Lazar Angelov, Greg Plitt, Frank Zane and Shawn Rhoden

Favourite Quotes?

“Stay hungry, stay healthy, be a gentleman, believe strongly in yourself and go beyond limitations.“

“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”

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Tomas is currently in between sponsors and is open to offers from major companies who can support his training and competitions. Tomas is one of the top up and coming fitness models and Physique Pros in the industry and would be an asset to any company he promotes. Please contact him through any of the above links or email Tomas at [email protected]!

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