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Swedish Fitness Model Chris Harnell’s Workout Routine & Diet Revealed!

Swedish Fitness Model Chris Harnell’s Workout Routine & Diet Revealed!



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Chris Harnell’s Workout Routine:


Day 1: Legs & Calves

Warm Up: 20 min stationary bike
Leg extensions: 5-6 sets 15-20 reps
Leg press: 5 sets 15 reps 2 dropsets to failure
Squats: 15 reps 4 sets (Supersets with lunges)
Standing Calf press: 5 sets 12-15 reps
Sitting calf press: 4 sets 12 reps 2 drop sets to failure


Day 2: Chest, Triceps & Abs

Bench press or Dumbbell press: 5 sets 12 reps
Cable cross: 4 sets 12-15 reps
Pec Dec flys: 4 sets 15 reps
Push ups and Flys incline bench dumbbells: Supersets 5 sets
Crunches: 50-100 reps
Leg raises: 5sets 20 reps
Cable crunches heavy: max reps 5 sets


Day 3: Rest


Day 4: Back & Hamstrings & Calves

Chin-ups: 5 sets max reps
Lats pulley wide and narrow grip: 4-5 sets 15 reps
T-bar: 4 sets 10-12 reps
Back raises: 4 sets max reps
Calves like Day 1


Day 5: Shoulders, Biceps & Abs

Dumbbell press: 5 sets 12-15 reps
Lateral raises: 5 sets 12 reps
Back of shoulders cable cross: 4 sets 12 reps
Back of shoulders dumbbell raises: 4 sets 12 reps
Abs like Day 2.


Day 6: Rest


Day 7: Repeat Day 1

I focus on light weights and contact training for hypertrophy, Strict and controlled movement patterns.

What Is Your Diet Like?

My philosophy on dieting is to eat clean. Clean eating is a must for me when dieting, there´s a lot of methods out there and some of them are not even worth mentioning. My diet consists of a clean sources of proteins carbs fats, none excluded. A sample diet when dieting can consist of chicken/meat or fish for protein, potatoes or rice for carb source and fats mainly come from the protein sources, omega3´s cashews or almonds.
Sample intake: kcal 2700-1500 fats 50-75g proteins 250-300g carbs 250-100g

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