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Tilly Cutler’s Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story!

Tilly Cutler’s Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story!

25 year old, Tilly Cutler, from Sutton, Coldfield’s incredible 70lb (5 Stone) weight loss story has become a hit on Instagram and caught the attention of media outlets such as the DailyMail.

Tilly lost over 70lbs in 36 weeks to totally transform her life and her health. Wearing size 22 clothes, feeling tired and unconfident and regularly finding it difficult to walk and be active, Tilly knew she had to make a big change and decided to swap the junk food for healthier meals and snacks and start to get fit and take her health seriously.

Below she explains how she went did this by giving a sample of her new daily diet that helped her drop the pounds and what she did when she worked out. Tilly was also kind enough to answer some questions about her weight loss journey which helps explain further how she got such amazing results and the ‘secrets’ that helped her succeed in her goals.

Tilly’s success has brought her a lot more attention and she now has over 15,000 followers on her social media accounts, be sure to check them out and follow for more motivation and tips!

Instagram: @mrstcutler
Twitter: @mrstcutler
Tilly Cutler's Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story!

Weight Loss Diet:

Breakfast: Fat Free Yoghurt, Fruit such as melon, strawberries, peach etc
Lunch: Carrot & courgette fritters (cooked with fry light spray oil), bacon medallions (all fat cut off) and poached egg
Dinner: Lean Turkey mince or quorn bolognese packed with vegetables and served with Courgetti.

Weight Loss Workout:

Once or twice a week I do a Clubbercise class, which is a dance class in the dark with glow sticks to an instructor, it is a great way to begin working out if you don’t have a lot of confidence for a gym to begin with as you are in the dark. It suits all shapes and sizes and all abilities, as long as you are moving you are burning calories. I’ve also started to build up to a run using the NHS Couch to 5K app, which is great for a beginner.
Tilly Cutler's Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story!

Tilly Interview:

Before Stats: 24 / 5 ft 6 / 17.5 Stone. After Stats: 25 / 5 ft 6 / 11.4 Stone.

How Did You Gain The Weight Initially?

My husband & I ate out most nights, having three course meals including desserts and sides, and also wouldn’t hesitate with a glass of wine to go with it a few times a week. I also ate a lot for convenience while I was on the road for work and ate a lot of fast food such as Mcdonalds.

What Was Your Diet Like Originally?

It was mainly all takeaways or fast foods, we would go and buy a basket full of snacks to sit in front of the TV with and I wouldn’t even think about what I was eating.
Tilly Cutler's Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story!

What Made You Start Getting Healthy?

I had just had enough of feeling really big and bloated and my back ached so much. I was sick of hiding behind my weight and not being able to shop in mainstream stores, or just having to wear a floaty top. I just wanted to know what it would feel like to actually be able to get into a size 12 or 10 rather than a 22!

When Did You Start Seeing Results?

After 3 weeks I lost a stone, and began to see it in my face after just that. After about 8 weeks I started to see a change in my body too and then after about 12 weeks people I knew started to comment on my weight loss and it started to feel all worth it!
Tilly Cutler's Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story!

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What Small Changes Do You Think Made The Biggest Impact?

I think mainly cutting out snacking and the way things are cooked, like the fat being taken off meat, not using much oil and using more fresh fruit and vegetables have really helped. I give myself a treat but in moderation.

How Did You Stay Motivated?

All I do is focus on where I want to be, which is no where near my before picture! The more I lost the more motivated I became because I was getting closer and closer to feeling confident.

Where There Any Particular Tough Points On Your Journey?

I have gained a couple of times along the way, once was when I had to have my dog put to sleep and we had a few comforting meals, and it’s hard to get your head back into it after having things like that. But I drew a line and lost weight the following week. Also after holidays when you put on around 5 lbs in a week it can be hard to return to healthy eating, but I managed to think myself out of the bad habits and continued to lose.
Tilly Cutler's Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story!

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Looking To Lose Weight?

I would say it is a lengthy process and it won’t be overnight but if you really want it is really is possible. You have to keep in mind where you want to be and in a few months you could easily be a dress size down!

What Are Your Favourite Weight Loss Recipes?

My favourite is the healthier version of spaghetti carbonara! The sauce includes fat free fromage frrais, an egg, garlic, and a bit of light cheddar. Mix with linguine and lean bacon medallions, spinach and its a really good

How Do You Feel After Completing Such And Amazing Transformation?

I honestly feel like a different person. So much happier and confident, and when I see my before pictures it’s like looking at someone else! But in a way seeing pictures of me now too also feels like I’m looking at someone else because I still can’t get used to the fact I’m 5 dress sizes smaller!
Tilly Cutler's Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story!

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