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Sophie Guidolin’s Top 5 Tips For Eating Healthier & Losing Weight!

Sophie Guidolin’s Top 5 Tips For Eating Healthier & Losing Weight!

Sophie Guidolin abs

Sophie Guidolin is a champion fitness model who competes internationally. She is a health & clean eating advocate, recipe creator, successful blogger and mother of two!

She has placed first in the following competitions: IFBB SA 2012 BIKINI, WNBF 2012 Fitness Model, INBA NATIONALS 2012 FITNESS MODEL, INBA SA 2012 Fitness Model & inspires thousands of people daily through her social media empire, which displays her hard work and dedication to the fitness lifestyle.

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1. Drink Water

Start ONLY drinking water, i know this isn’t eating as such but alot of people find that they are actually thirsty rather than hungry. If you realise that then you have a better chance of not over eating.

Alot of juices contain alot of calories and are high in sugar, which alot of people don’t realise.

2. Go Homemade

Swap takeaway fast food for homemade fast food. Homemade doesn’t have to mean 3 hours in the kitchen cooking a gourmet meal. Pre prepare your meals, so you can grab them and go- it will not only save time, but money and your health too!

3. Swap To Wholegrain

Swap white for brown. In most cases brown rice, brown breads etc are the healthier option.

4. Prepare Healthy Snacks

If you are looking for a snack on the run, try celery sticks, cucumber, or carrots. They are naturally sweet so will satisfy your cravings and fill you up with fibre at the same time!!

5. Enjoy Your ‘Diet’

Enjoy your eating! If you enjoy the foods you are eating you wont get bored or stray from your ‘diet’ there are so many healthy options, so make your food delicious!!
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Fitness Model Sophie Guidolin

Fitness Model Sophie Guidolin

Fitness Model Sophie Guidolin


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