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Sharee Hansen’s Total Beginner’s Plan For Weight Loss & Healthy Eating!

Sharee Hansen’s Total Beginner’s Plan For Weight Loss & Healthy Eating!

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Getting Started With Sharee Hansen!


But now what? Where do you start? What exercises do what? Muscle building or cardio? What do I eat? Do I limit bread…can I even eat bread? Carbs good or bad?

No one starts the race knowing all the answers! Most of us in this fitblogger world just showed up one day with the same intentions at you, READY TO GET STUFF DONE AND GET FIT!

Step 1: Set Goals That Are Both Long Term And Short Term:


    Short Term Examples:

  • Losing 5-10 pounds
  • Running a mile in under 10 minutes
  • Buy a piece of clothing 1 or 2 sizes too small and being able to fit into it.
  • Able to do more push-ups/squats/lunges/jump ropes/ jumping jacks/ burppee’s etc in 1 minute

    Long Term Examples:

  • Reaching your goal weight
  • Running a marathon
  • Competition in a cross fit challenge
  • Completing a Spartan run or Warrior Dash
  • Fitting in your dream size
  • Wearing that outfit you’ve always wanted to wear that’s been collecting dust in your closet for years!

By setting both long term and short term goals you allow yourself to enjoy the journey and not just stay focused on the far away DREAM. Little successes will help you see that your goals are achievable and you can do ANYTHING you set your mind too.
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Step 2: Understanding Your Eating Habits

Now notice I am not saying “becoming the most nutritional smart person in your life and be able to write a book about the do’s and don’ts of food.” Step 2 is about understanding YOUR eating and how that is either helping or hindering the goals you set for your self in step 1. What types of habits do you have that are preventing you from reaching your goals? Common habits that are goal stoppers:

  • Living on fast food
  • Drinking liquid calories (soda, juices, alcohol)
  • Addicted to the candy aisle
  • Fried foods all day everyday
  • The only fruit you eat are smothered in chocolate and stuffed in candy or the fruit flavored frostings and ice-creams.
  • The only vegetables you have is the occasional piece of lettuce that comes with a burger.
  • You food choices resemble that of teenage boy’s dream kitchen: pizza pockets, ranch, frozen burritos, French fries, pop tarts, doughnuts, cookies, frozen pizza…you get the idea!
  • People drink water when they are thirsty?
  • A salad in your book is basically: fried chicken, cheese, bacon pieces, smothered in ranch with a few pieces of green stuff for colour.

Habits like this will stop you in your tracks before you even have a chance to start! When getting started on your journey, identify your eating habits. Keep a food log for a few days and see what your food habits look like. What time of day are you reaching for sugar? When do you crave heavy cheesy pastas? How many “splurges” are you allowing yourself to have? Understanding your eating habits will help you develop some goals and replacements behaviors.

Step 3: Cleaning Up Your Eating:

So you figured out where you’re messing up. Now I’m gonna share some tips to help you replace your current goal stoppers with goal reachers. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it should! It’s taken directly from my “Cleaning up your eating in 5 weeks” article. Why re-write something that is already working! This is the way I have found helps with reaching goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Week 1: Add A Serving Of Fruits Or Veggies To Every Meal

  • BY adding fruits and veggies to every meal, you will not only fill up faster, but you will learn that veggies and fruits are yummy and not hard to eat.
  • The nutrients from fruits and veggies are hard to find in processed foods. Your body NEEDS/CRAVES the real stuff.
  • My Suggestions/tips for Week 1:

  • If you are making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich use fruit instead of jelly! Strawberry slices are super yummy and fresh! Or the crunch from an apple is my favorite combo with peanut butter! Bananas also work great!
  • Wraps are a great way to add veggies! Use your favorite salad dressing as the base of the wrap and load up with veggies! You can go raw or cooked veggies: mushrooms, green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, spinach, celery, olives, beans, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, broccoli … NO LIMIT, get creative, find a combo you love! Also don’t be shy to add lean meat for protein.
  • Sub out a a bag of chips, for a cup of grapes or blueberries.


Week 2: No More Fast Food…Ever!

  • Fast food is damaging. it has nothing real. REGARDLESS of what they say on the T.V. its awful. Think of your favorite fitness idol…or favorite Hollywood Trainer (mine is Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover: Weight loss edition) You do NOT see anyone of those people eating fast food.
    Tips For Avoiding Fast Food:

  • PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE! Do not set yourself up for failure by not packing a lunch! You know you will be hungry at work/school. SO PLAN FOR IT.


Week 3: Switch To Wheat/Brown Bread, Pasta, Rice:

  • Whole grain is healthy and also more filling for you! Its full of fiber and everything healthy that was sucked out of the white breads/pasta/rice. EAT IT!

Restaurants and cafeterias offer this now, ASK FOR IT. no excuses.

Week 4: Base Every Snack Starting With A Fruit Or A Veggie:

This will teach you that fruits and veggies have more to offer then just side dishes, they can be eating during the day on the go! Check out these healthy snack options:

  • Apples with Peanut butter
  • Strawberries with cool whip
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Peaches with cottage cheese
  • Yogurt with fruit
  • Melon balls
  • Frozen grapes or blueberries
  • Fresh fruit smoothies
  • Bananas with peanut butter
  • Celery sticks with Seasoning salt on them
  • Celery and Peanut butter
  • Cucumbers and hummus or pesto

Soda is just AWEFUL and you know it. so stop lying to yourself. I am not asking you to cut everything about soda, just regular soda.

Step 4: Find YOUR fitness:

Not everyone was made to be runners. The thought of runner make me want to never leave my house. But I LOVE Zumba, bootcamp, crossfit, total body conditioning classes. I like being around people and sweating so much I slip in my puddles of sweat. But I cant run to save my life…it’s too boring for me. And that is OKAY! There are tons of fitness options out there! Set yourself up for success by picking an activity you will LEARN to love (it takes time but it will happen) and also pick a time that will work for you. I cant do 5 am…ever. I would fail at reaching my goals if that was the only time I dedicated to my fitness. So pick a time that will work for you and pick a fitness that will work for you! Create the healthy fit life you enjoy. Not a life full of restrictions and constant body bashing.

Fitness Ideas:

  • Curves gym for women
  • Personal trainer
  • Group training (semi-private personal training)
  • Find a gym with options you would utilize
  • Group fitness classes
  • Cross fit gyms
  • Build up your running using an app like NIKE+ or couch to 5K programs
  • Zombie run app
  • In home programs: Insanity, Asylum, P90X, Tapout XT, Turbo Fire, Beast, Body Pump (my beachbody information will be at the bottom)
  • Zumba studios
  • R.I.P.P.E.D classes
  • Stationary cycling
  • Join a cycling group


Step 5: Create your Goal Board:

All the hard work you put into creating the perfect plan for goal reaching deserves to be hung up! So create a board with your goals in display, print off your 5 week clean eating and create a calendar to keep you organized. Hang up motivational quotes, transformation pictures. Anything that will help you remain dedicated. Motivation will come and go , dedication is what will get you results. Create your Goal Board and you will be on your way to creating the fit-and-healthy YOU.

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  • Your website and story is very inspiring. I have been dedicated to working out and trying my best to eat healthy since April of this year. It’s a slow process and seeing your story just keeps me on track and gives me hope that “it is possible!” Thank you! You have a gift for helping and inspiring others. Kristin

  • This is great advice, except the regular soda thing.. Diet soda is terrible for you! Research has proven that you actually end up consuming more calories while drinking soda. Other than that though, this is great advice and I’m going to start using it! (:

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