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Jennifer Ginley’s Diet & Weight Loss Meals For Losing Half Her Bodyweight!

Jennifer Ginley’s Diet & Weight Loss Meals For Losing Half Her Bodyweight!

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Jennifer Ginley was so overweight that she told her boyfriend of 11 years not to propose to her, because she thought she was too heavy to go down the aisle and didn’t want to be a “fat bride“.

After seeing how she looked in photos from a family holiday in Florida, Jennifer lost over 60KG in the next 12 months (half her bodyweight!) dropping from a size 26 to a size 8 and completely transforming her life.

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Instagram: @slimming_world_jsg


Jennifer’s diet before consisted of chocolates, cafe food, fast food meals, unhealthy takeaways, processed food and sugary drinks.

“Before Slimming World I wouldn’t eat any breakfast or prepare any lunch or snacks for work, so I always found myself eating whatever I could lay my hands on, shop-bought sandwiches, packet noodles, chip shop meals”

“My sister, Christine and I used to bond over eating really unhealthily, we would go out for indulgent meals, have takeaways together and eat junk food almost as a hobby


Jennifer Ginley’s Typical Diet Before:

Breakfast: Nothing
Mid-morning: Crisps and chocolate
Lunch: Shop-bought sandwiches, greasy café food, chip shop meals or packet noodles
Mid-afternoon: Fresh cream cakes and biscuits
Dinner: Chinese takeaway or frozen pizzas and oven chips, fizzy drinks
Evening: More crisps, white toast with butter

Jennifer Ginley’s Typical Diet Now:

Breakfast: Porridge with lots of fresh fruit, baked oats with fruit or a Slimming World ‘fry’-up
Mid-morning: Fruit
Lunch: Homemade Slimming World-style crust-less quiche, homemade vegetable soup or a tuna sandwich in wholemeal bread
Mid-afternoon: Small bag of Cheetos crisps
Dinner: Chicken stir-fry, spaghetti bolognese, Diet cola chicken, Scouse (beef stew) or Pizza omelette with salad
Evening: Fresh fruit topped with quark, small chocolate bar


Slimming World advised swapping out the unhealthy fast food and takeaways for home cooked food, so Jennifer and Christine bonded over cooking healthy food in their house, rather than eating out in unhealthy place.

“We cook and enjoy Slimming World feasts together and instead of having takeaways up to four times a week, we’ll make a lovely chicken stir-fry or homemade bolognese.”


Jennifer Ginley’s Sample Weight Loss Meals From Instagram:


Chocolate cinnamon carrot oats – 40g of oats (HE B choice), a carrot peeled and finely grated (speed free), 1 tbsp of cinnamon (free) and a 250ml carton of Alpro chocolate soya milk (200ml = HE A choice, 50ml = 1.5 syns) all cooked slowly on the hob and topped with strawberries (speed free).


The other half of my curry from the Indian restaurant last night (accounting 3 syns to be safe for residual oil as asked for minimal), I warmed up on the hob and added water to prevent it going dry. Salt & pepper chips cooked in the acti fry (chips – free. KMC salt & pepper seasoning has a little bit of sugar in and I’ve always counted 1 syn per tbsp, this is not official, only my assumption and that’s being safe I think – accounting 1 syn for my amount. I buy this from local fruit shops, market and Chinese supermarkets), I added mixed pepper slices and red onion slices (both speed free) in the acti fry for the last 5 minutes, sweetcorn (free), spinach, gherkin and cherry tomatoes (all speed free).


Pizza omelette
2 eggs, dried oregano (both free), tomato purée, red onion, pepper (all speed free) and 40g of cathedral city lighter (HE A choice).
Pizza omelette method – whisk the eggs, slice chosen toppings (any veg or meat) (I put veg on raw because I like it crunchy – can cook if you want it soft), cook the bottom on the hob, then cook the top under the grill, spread the tomato purée on the cooked omelette, put on toppings, sprinkle over dried oregano and cheese then cook under the grill until cheese is melted


A @quorn_uk low fat sausage, beans, chips cooked in my Actifry (all free), pan fried asparagus and cherry tomatoes (both speed free).


Tofu, balsamic vinegar, edamame beans (all free), mixed leaves and beansprouts (both speed free). I asked for the tofu to be grilled with minimal oil, I’ll account 3 syns to be safe.


2 small wholemeal toast (HE B choice), a 30g @pipandnut peanut butter sachet (9 syns), raspberries and strawberries (both speed free).

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40g of Special K protein crunch (HE B choice), a Granny Smith apple (speed free), 0% @fage_uk yoghurt and cinnamon (both free). A cup of detox @cupofgreencoffee (free). ☕️


2 @pinkladyappleuk (speed free), a passion fruit @alpro go on (1.5 syns) and a Shaper’s chocolate mint nougat bar (4 syns). 🍎🍫 Finishing today on 5.5 syns. 😊 Drank 3 litres of water in my @hydratem8 today.


Wholewheat pasta, garlic & herb cooking quark, 3 fat free diced bacon medallions (all free), 1 whole diced red onion (speed free), topped with 20g of cathedral city lighter cheddar (1/2 HE A choice).


@fage 0% fat yoghurt, a banana, cinnamon (all free) and frozen blackberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants (all speed free).

Sample Full Day Of Eating


Brunch – grapefruit, raspberries (both speed free) and a detox @cupofgreencoffee (free). ☕️ Dinner – chicken salad – all speed free salad besides sundried tomatoes (accounting 3 syns), olives in brine (accounting 2 syns) and chicken was free, removed skin (free but accounting 2 syns for any residual oil). Also had an oil like dressing so am accounting 3 syns extra. 😊 Snacks – 75g of witworths prunes (HE B choice), a banana, a snap pot of beans, another @cupofgreencoffee, 3 glasses of Diet Coke (all free), 2 @pinkladyappleuk, a strawberry (both speed free), a 20g block of cathedral city lighter (1/2 HE A choice), a cup of coffee (dash of ss milk let HE A choice) and a Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage (0.5 syn). 🍎🍌☕️ Finished the day on 10.5 syns. 😬

Sample Full Day Of Eating


Brunch – chocolate carrot oats 😍 – 40g oats (HE B choice), a carrot peeled and finely grated (speed free), 1/2 tbsp of cinnamon (free) and 250ml of @alpro chocolate soya milk (HE A choice plus 1.5 syn as 200ml = HE A) all cooked slowly on the hob. Topped with strawberries (speed free). 🍓 Dinner – 3 Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages (1.5 syns), 1 tbsp of Colman’s mint sauce (1 syn), boiled spring greens (speed free) and onion gravy (free). 😋 Snacks – 20g block of cathedral city lighter (3 syns), (grapes, a banana (both free), a @pinkladyappleuk and 3 tangerines (both speed free). 🍇🍌🍎🍊 Finished the day on 6.5 syns.

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