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Fitness Blogger Rae’s Weight Loss Guide, Meal Plan & Workout!

Fitness Blogger Rae’s Weight Loss Guide, Meal Plan & Workout!

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Fitness Blogger Rae’s Incredible 60lb Weight Loss Story, Weight Loss Guide & Interview!



I lost the main part of my weight (45lbs) through ‘clean eating’ and more importantly better, more cautious eating. I have currently adopted the Ketogenic way of life which is an extremely low carbohydrate intake and high fat intake with moderate protein. I chose this for many reasons mainly related to my energy levels and overall performance in exercise.

I’ll include a sample of each way of eating. I have lost 11lbs since changing to Keto and I feel absolutely wonderful. I do count calories, I aim to eat 1400-1500 on rest days because I don’t do much and my work is not very active. On days I exercise I eat more of course, either most or all of the calories I burn. On cheat days I eat sometimes well over 3000 calories, I’m a big eater with a big love of food! All calories are not created equal BUT it’s good to keep an eye on them.

Clean Eating Day:


Breakfast:(if I had time of course)
Oatmeal mixed with Vanilla Whey protein powder with blueberries/rasperries and walnuts.
Or Whey Protein shake with two boiled Eggs and a slice of wholegrain bread

Wholegrain rice, chicken breast, spinach, healthier choice cottage cheese
Or Canned tuna and Cashew nuts with Cous Cous or Quinoa with one boiled egg

Salmon Fillet, Asparagus, Sweet Potato fries & Broccoli
Turkey Breast, Broccoli, Quinoa

Whey Protein Shake, Banana, Fruit, Eat Natural Bar


Keto Day:


Sausage (97% beef), scrambled egg with cheese, bacon & haloumi fried in coconut oil.

Chicken with the skin, mayonnaise, chorizo with spinach and Broccoli & Cheese.

See Also

Broccoli, mince, bacon with melted cheese. Strawberries, clotted cream, dark chocolate and hazelnut butter

Peanuts, cheese cubes, walnuts, berries, almonds

I will always stand by feeding your SOUL, if you have chocolate on day 2 of your journey then DON’T beat yourself up, you haven’t failed & you haven’t reversed any progress. What you have done is maybe made a mistake that you can comfortably learn from. Otherwise you have made a decision which you’re happy with and that is absolutely okay too. Nobody is perfect and we are all human.

Throughout my entire journey I have not set foot in a gym, I’ve used the pavement as my gym and Jillian Michaels and Shaun T as my trainers. Although I did half of the Insanity program at home with Shaun T last year before I unfortunately became very ill, the main exercises that I did which showed most results were jogging/walking/running (no rules, just get outside) and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred from the comfort of my own bedroom, which is just as great for more than thirty days.

I also did do some weight training with dumbbells and using my own body. I made sure I had 1-2 rest days a week to make sure my body got enough rest and for the rest of the week mixed things up. Of course some weeks I rested and lazed about more than others, it’s just about finding moderation with everything you do, including the naughtier foods we can eat!

You don’t have to do a LOT of different exercises to lose fat, if you do then great but often people think it’s too much hard work and they’d need to do a lot of exercise, it’s not the case… all I do is lift and run. Running burns a lot more than just fat, it’s an amazing stress reliever.

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