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Cass Hines Reveals Her 7 Weight Loss Tips To Help You Slim Down!

Cass Hines Reveals Her 7 Weight Loss Tips To Help You Slim Down!

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If you are eating healthy foods but aren’t seeing the results you want, then this could be something you need to hear.

Fitness influencer Cass Hines opened up on her Instagram about a realisation she had about her diet and eating habits and how sticking to certain principles helped her slim down her frame and reveal an incredibly sculpted core.

“Sometimes I think its less about what you eat, and more about how much you eat as well as the timing of your meals.”

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“The food I was consuming on the left admittedly, wasn’t as healthy as it should have been but the bigger problem was my portion sizes.”

Cass talked about growing up with the philosophy of finishing all the food that you were given, preventing wasted food but sometimes this reinforced a habit of eating even past the point of feeling full.

“I was brought up to finish everything on my plate and I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I did. Who else can relate? I also tend to pick at anything my 4 year old leaves behind on her plate, so these two scenarios combined, can turn into a massive case of overconsumption. Before I know it, I’ve consumed half or more of her meal before I’ve begun having my own.”

It was after Cass and her partner took a short holiday that she came to the realisation that getting back to controlling her portion sizes rather than solely on what she is eating, might be more important in achieving the body she wanted.

“We recently took a 5 day child-free break, and it was just enough time for me to realise that I had started to slip back into that mindless eating pattern. Being just the two of us away, we found ourselves consistently having 3 meals a day, a large breakfast, a medium lunch and a small dinner and we both felt fantastic for it.”

“Since we’ve been back, I’ve been making a conscious effort to bypass the leftover scraps, and be mindful of my portion sizes again, particularly those from midday onwards. I focus on portion control because I truly believe we can and should have everything in moderation. I’m still able to eat the treats I want, but within reason, so watching my portions remains my big focus.”

Diet Tips To Avoid Overeating & Slim Down!

1. Always sit down at meal times.. the car is no exception.

2. Eat with no distraction which includes having the TV on, reading a book, newspaper, phone etc.

3. Always try and eat with family or others.

4. Fill a small side plate with food, rather than a large dinner plate for lunch and dinner.

5. Consume a big glass of water prior to each meal.

6. My 4 year old’s snacks and meals are not an option.

7. Take my time with every mouthful at every meal.

In regards to calories, Cass replied to a follower if she counted calories at the minute.

“I used to count calories but it didn’t do well for my mental health. I was getting too caught up in numbers. I definitely think it’s possible to lose weight without counting. Focus on whole, fresh and real foods, and stay active.”

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