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Anja Zeidler’s Diet & Workout Routine For Getting In The Shape Of Her Life!

Anja Zeidler’s Diet & Workout Routine For Getting In The Shape Of Her Life!

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Anna Zeidler is a fitness model from Switzerland, who doesn’t have the typical weight loss story that you would expect.

Anna used to eat constantly and follow an insane workout regime. She was obsessed with gaining size and gaining muscle, but this quest soon consumed all of her time and she became burnt out on her mission to be as muscular as possible.

She decided she wanted to slim down and rather than be as big and strong as possible, wanted to sculpt her body and feel content and healthy with whatever weight she ended up at by following a more sustainable regime.

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Anja Zeidler Diet Plan:

“I always like to try new approaches and look for things that work best for me. Personally, I prefer eating every 3 hours. I feel this is the most efficient dieting approach for me. I never feel hungry and feel it provides my body with the best nourishment.”

“Here is a rough overview of the foods that I eat:”

Carbs: Sweet potatoes, rice and oatmeal.
Proteins: Chicken, eggs and fish.
Fats: Fish oil, peanut or almond butter.

“To fry meat, I use organic coconut oil. Of course, you must not skip eating vegetables in your diet. I eat all vegetables, but mainly green vegetables, such as asparagus, broccoli and spinach.”

Anja Zeidler Workout Routine:

“I am currently training 6 times a week. I always train abs at the end of each session with 3-4 exercises, the rest looks as follows”:

Day 1: Biceps / Shoulders
Day 2: Upper Back
Day 3: Legs & Calves
Day 4: Triceps & Shoulders
Day 5: Glutes & Lower Back
Day 6: Restday
Day 7: (Repeat From Biceps / Shoulders)

“There is no special training system. I just train with a lot of variety! The body gets used to everything! I try to give my body new stimulation each time! That is why I change my exercises and training routines regularly.”

“It is important to have a good balance of strength training, cardio and HIIT training. I like to train with heavy weights for fewer repetitions. Of course, diet and rest play a very important role as well. I also use stretching and massages to recover and relax.”

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