14 Flat Belly Fat Burning Workouts That Will Help You Lose Weight!

Get Fitter Right Now!

We’re a month and a half into the new year, and hopefully you’re still going strong on your new years resolutions! If you planned to lose weight and get fit, we’re here to help you on your journey!

We have collected two weeks worth of amazing ab and high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts for you to follow along to, which will help you burn calories, torch fat and get fitter every day!

As always, try the full two weeks, or simply find and save your favourite workouts to fit into your weekly routine. Consistency is the key to long term sustainable weight loss, so keep going!

14 Flat Belly Fat Burning Workouts That Will Help You Lose Weight!

Full Body Burn – 20 Minutes, No Equipment

Flat Abs Interval Workout

Bodyweight HIIT

Master Your Body Flat Tummy – No Gear Workout

Absolutely Awesome Abs

Fire Up Your Core – Circuit Workout

Slim Waist Summer Workout

Flat Belly + Toned Arms Workout

Cardio & Core Workout

Lower Abs Workout

10 Minute Abs

Fat Blaster HIIT

Full Body Fat Blasting HIIT Workout

Summer Sweat Series Abs Workout

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