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Use These Tips That Helped Kassidy Linde Lose Over 130 Pounds In 18 Months!

Use These Tips That Helped Kassidy Linde Lose Over 130 Pounds In 18 Months!

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Kassidy Linde’s self esteem was almost non existent after the birth of her daughter, weighing in at well over 260 pounds and feeling like she wasn’t good enough for her daughter to look up to.

“It got to the point that whenever I would look in the mirror, I wasn’t able to find anything beautiful about myself. That’s a devastating feeling. I have an 18-month-old daughter, and I would feel terrible if she ever felt this way about herself. I wanted her to look up to me and admire me, so I changed myself.”

So Kassidy decided from then on that she would start getting healthy and be the person she wanted her daughter to grow up admiring. Initially, it would be very tough, as she describes her pre-fitness diet to people, as a “nightmare.”

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“I was always drinking, smoking and eating out, and ate nothing more than junk. I obviously knew what I was eating was unhealthy, but I didn’t have the will to change. There was even a time that I went to a fast food restaurant and ate in the parking lot because I was ashamed.”

Starting on her new way of life, Kassidy took a simple approach, removing unhealthy, processed foods from her diet and began exercising as much as possible.

I quit making excuses. I started researching, meal prepping and working out. I started drinking a gallon of water a day, and prepping chicken, rice and veggies every Sunday.”

As she started losing weight with her new regime, she hit a rough patch, being hit with an autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, which causes a lot of pain with inflammation of the joints. She decided to work through this, rather than let it halt her progress.

“It’s extremely hard to stay active while dealing with arthritis. I struggle every single day, whether it be with the actual pain or the worry about what if the pain is worse tomorrow. I’ll be mid-workout, and literally feel like I am being stabbed and have to stop. But instead of throwing a fit and storming out, I get up, move to a different exercise, and keep going.”

Kassidy believes she owes a lot of her progress to continually learning and adapting her regime and also, starting an Instagram (She has almost 40,000 followers now) which encourages you to take lots of photos, that helps you see how far you’ve come and provide the motivation that your plan is working.

“I made a fitness journal to track my progress, and I am always searching for a new workout to keep my self from growing complacent. I don’t think people realize how important it is to take pictures of yourself while you’re literally transforming your body. In doing this I came to the realization that it was the ‘old’ me motivating the ‘new’ me.”

With the help of the tips and her diet and workout plan below, Kassidy lost an incredible 130 pounds in a year and a half, becoming ‘half’ the person she was, while her confidence and self esteem sky rocketed.

“I can look in the mirror and appreciate my body for what is has been through. Losing weight has changed my whole demeanor. I am a completely different person — not only physically but mentally too.”

Kassidy wants to continue on her fitness journey and now enjoys helping other people get fit like she has, turning her attention to becoming a personal trainer and helping her followers look and feel better about themselves.

It is very important to me to inspire others. When I first started, my goal was to lose my own weight. Now my goal is to help other people lose weight too. It is one of the most rewarding and humbling feelings I have ever encountered, and for that I am so blessed!”

Here are some of the healthy tips that worked for Kassidy.

Drink Lots Of Water

“I quit making excuses and I started drinking a gallon of water a day.”

Don’t Complicate Your Diet

“That’s where the difference between diet and lifestyle come in. If this were a diet, I would have completely failed. Since this is a lifestyle, I just pick up where I left off and keep going. It’s not going to be smooth or easy. You might have a cheat meal or a cheat month. Either way, pick yourself up and keep going.”

Eat Until Your Satisfied

Surprisingly, Kassidy never counted calories during her weight loss transformation, instead opting to listen to her body. “I feel like I know what my body needs, so I eat accordingly. Counting calories and macros would get me results quicker, but it causes me too much stress right now.”

Meal Prep Your Week

As you will see from her diet plan below, Kassidy eats a lot of the same meals as they are simple, healthy and quick to make, so she has a set of staple recipes that she prepares every sunday night, thus always giving her a healthy option to eat when she needs it.

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Create A Plan & Stick To It

“You keep staring at the scale and eating good wondering when you’ll see what you’re working for. Then, once you start seeing results, it’s becomes an addiction. Some days you won’t want to go, GO ANYWAY. The days you overcome are the days that count the most!”

Start A Social Media Account

“What my followers didn’t realize is that for as much I as was motivating them, they were motivating me as well. Putting yourself out there and letting yourself be vulnerable to thousands of people really makes you want to give it your all and do your best.” As well as social media, she also uses a journal to keep track of her eating and workouts.

Here is Kassidy’s workout and diet plan as wrote on her Instagram:

Kassidy Linde Workout Routine

Monday: Leg day
Tuesday: Biceps & triceps + 30 min cardio
Wednesday: Chest & Back + 30 min cardio
Thursday: Leg day (focuses on hamstrings)
Friday: Shoulders & abs + 30 min cardio
Saturday: (optional) 45 min cardio

“If you aren’t sure of what types of workouts to do for these days, download JEFIT. It gives you tons of different work outs FOR FREE for specific muscles!”

Kassidy Linde Diet Plan

“Food is where is gets tricky! I eat so many different things, sometimes tasteful… sometimes not. FOOD IS FUEL. Before I tell you a typical food day for me, realize that I DO NOT COUNT CALORIES/MACROS. I tried and it’s just not for me. (Right now, anyway!) I am NOT a nutritionist so this is just an example that works for me!”

Breakfast: 1 fat free whole grain tortilla , 2 over easy eggs, and 4 pieces of the pre-made bacon (only 6g of fat for all 4) you can also use turkey bacon or sausage , I just like to switch it up.
Post Workout: chicken (roughly 3-4 oz) and 1/3 cup of rice. You can add veggies if you want.
Snack: Apple with crunchy PB.
Dinner: Chicken & rice.

“I’ve switched to eating chicken and rice for 2/3 main meals because 1. It’s so easy and 2. It gets me results quicker than other things I eat. This is just an example. I switch things until so often, I can barely keep track of myself lol but I hope this helps some of you who feel like you’re struggling.”

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