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Trisha Corbett’s Amazing 180lb Weight Loss Transformation Story!

Trisha Corbett’s Amazing 180lb Weight Loss Transformation Story!

26 year old Trisha Corbett from Limerick, Ireland was formerly 27 stone (380lbs). After suffering from heart irregularities, she made a life changing commitment to eat healthy, get fit and lose her excess weight. The Daily Mail Reported.

Trisha had an out of control addiction to potatoes. How out of control? As bad as eating half a ton of potatoes every year. These included chips, roasties, and mash potatoes covered in butter.

This trainee teacher realized that she needed to lose that weight, and lose weight now. She realized this when she started suffering from heart palpations and decided then to completely change her diet.

She told The Daily Mail

‘It was really scary. Sometimes I’d have to sit with my head between my legs until the palpitations had stopped. My massive size was stretching my body to breaking point. It was then that I finally realized what I was doing to myself.

Over the years, I’d tried pushing my weight problems to one side, but I knew I couldn’t do this any longer – it could end up killing me.

She also said,

‘I’d always been overweight, and as a child my parents struggled to find clothes to fit me. Over the years, I just got bigger and bigger. And my love of potatoes definitely didn’t help. Whilst most people get cravings for chocolate or crisps, I couldn’t wait to tuck into a spud! My favorite was a jacket potato with loads of butter – even thinking about one made my mouth water.’

Trisha was a 5ft 8 female who weighed as much as 27 stone. She had a BMI of 57, much higher than the standard amount. She received cruel comments from strangers such “she’s as wide as a bus” or “she’s blocking the street”.

‘It was completely humiliating. Absolute strangers would shout that I had four stomachs, or point at my spare tire,’ she said. ‘While it was upsetting and incredibly rude, I couldn’t deny that what they were saying was true.’

Her previous diet was high calorie and contained mostly sausage rolls, chicken wraps, chips, soda, potatoes, and chocolate. Her current diet is low calorie and contains fruit, salad, vegetables, and yogurt. Less processed and fatty foods and more fresh and healthy produce.


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In April 2013, she knew she had to lose weight so she joined Weight Watchers and hired a personal trainer who trained with her 5 times a week. Within 6 months, she had lost 13 stone and 4 lbs from weight lifting and regular exercise. She continues to maintain her weight by visiting the gym 6 times and week for 2 hour workouts each visit.

‘I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve even discovered that I have a talent for lifting weights. It’s incredible how I’ve gone from having to hold my head between my legs to stop me from being dizzy to spending up to 12 hours a week working out at the gym.
I do treat myself to a couple of chips every now and again, but surprisingly I don’t actually miss potatoes.
I’m so much happier now and I’ll never go back to being a 27st spud.’



Image Credits: HotSpot Media
Source: Daily Mail

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