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Madalin Giorgetta Reveals Her Best Gym Tips For Beginners With Anxiety!

Madalin Giorgetta Reveals Her Best Gym Tips For Beginners With Anxiety!

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Madalin Giorgetta is one of the most popular and motivational fitness influencers online today, with over 685,000 Instagram followers and a growing fitness career, she posts inspirational photos alongside relatable and accurate insights into the struggles of attempting to achieve the “perfect” body.

On her amazing blog, she shares informative posts, delicious recipes and fitness tips that can help people at every stage of their fitness journey. In this post, she gives advice to new gym goers about feeling comfortable and helping deal with the anxiety that comes with working out in public.

It’s a part of everybody’s gym experience, trust me! Even I’ve faced my fears with gym anxiety, and openly talk about it in all of my socials. You’re not alone in believing that all eyes are on you from the moment you walk into a gym, until the moment you walk out.”

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Gym Tip – Buy Headphones.

Madalin recommends creating a playlist and popping in earphones so you will feel more in your own zone.

Noise cancelling ones are the best as you can’t hear anything around you. I prefer big ones that cover my entire ears so people understand that I’m in the zone and cannot be messed with. Bonus tip: partner it with a killer playlist.”

Gym Tip – Wear All Black To The Gym.

Toning down your fashion choices can help you feel more comfortable in a new environment.

“If you feel like people are watching you, wearing black will make you feel more comfortable with your surroundings as you ‘blend in’. It will seem as though you are more undetectable to others. Also make sure your clothes fit properly and you’re comfortable so you aren’t messing around with your outfit throughout your workout.”

Gym Tip – Wear A Hat Or Cap (if your gym allows it).

Similar to wearing headphones, wearing a hat can help you feel like you have your own space.

“This will make you look ‘closed off’ to your surroundings. My admin Kaitlyn, wears a cap and it makes her feel more focused during her workout.”

Gym Tip – If You Wear Glasses, Take Them Off.

Madalin also recommends taking off your glasses on exercises that it is safe to do so.

“I wear glasses and have noticed that when I don’t wear them when exercising that I can’t see other people and don’t know if they are watching me or not. This just helps me feel more comfortable as I feel as though I’m in my own little bubble just doing my thing!”

Gym Tip – Tie Something, Like A Jumper, Around Your Waist.

“If you’re someone who feels intimidated squatting in front of people, due to the fact that you possibly don’t want them looking at your butt or another reason, try tying a jumper around your waist which will cover your bum so nobody can see anything you don’t want them to. Plus, tying it around your waist will also cover some stomach if that is something you are also self conscious about.”

Gym Tip – Use A Towel To Cover Parts That Might Be Showing A Bit Too Much For Your Liking.

Again, covering up areas you potentially feel self conscious about can make the difference between working out as you would like or avoiding them altogether.

“When I am performing an exercise like a glute bridge or hip thrust, I like to put a towel or jumper over my hips so I know that nobody can see anything between my legs. It just acts as another layer of security for myself and makes me feel more comfortable not having to worry if anyone can see anything I don’t want them to.”

Gym Tip – Familiarise Yourself With The Equipment At The Gym.

Learning how to use the equipment is a major factor in feeling comfortable at the gym, even experienced lifters can feel awkward trying out a machine they don’t know how to use. Many gyms have trainers or staff walking around, so be sure to ask if you need any help.

“If you’re new to a gym, I recommend that you go and familiarise yourself with the layout of the machines and what you have available. The majority of the time, if you ask someone who works at your gym to show you around the gym, they will as it’s part of their job. Once you know the layout of your gym, you will be able to work out in what order you will perform your workout, which will essentially make your visit to the gym easier, quicker and stress free.”

Gym Tip – Ask For Help.

Making friends in the gym can be one of the best things to make you feel more comfortable. Everybody is there to better themselves and the majority will only be too glad to help and share their knowledge. Madalin says:

“I know it can seem daunting having to ask someone for help as you might feel a bit silly or embarrassed, but the majority of the time people are willing to help you out. They probably needed help figuring out something along the same lines when they first started at the gym, so they will probably understand and be more than willing to help you. As long as you’re nice and polite when asking for help, I’m sure nobody will have a problem helping you out.”

“For example, if you are unsure how to adjust a machine to a setting you’re comfortable with, asking someone around you or one of the gym staff will result in the problem being solved quickly. People might assume I know everything about the gym and how to use every single machine, but the truth is even I get stuck sometimes and have to ask for help.”

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Gym Tip – Go With A Friend.

Instead of making friends, why not bring yours along.

“Taking a friend to the gym with you is a great way to make yourself feel more relaxed as you’re with a familiar face whom you’re already comfortable with. This could be your sibling, your partner or just a close friend. Some people workout better when accompanied with a friend, whereas others work better alone, so definitely try it out with a friend to see what you prefer.”

Bonus Tip: “Go with a friend who already goes to the gym and has a pretty solid knowledge of what they are doing.”

Gym Tip – Follow A Program (*cough* Body By MG).

Madalin has an amazing program called Body By MG. Working with a set routine can help you stay disciplined and consistent, both of which are needed to see long term results.

“By having a program to follow you’re not forced to figure out what exercises you’re going to do when you get to the gym, as you will already have everything set out for you to view and refer to. You will most likely feel more confident when following a program as you will know what exercises are coming which allows you to get all the equipment you need quickly and efficiently.”

Gym Tip – Hire A Personal Trainer.

Madalin advises that it can be good to hire a personal trainer who can work with you one on one.

“If you feel as though you need more guidance and advice at the gym, hiring a personal trainer could be very beneficial for you. A PT is a certified individual who has specific knowledge of fitness & exercise and how to apply it to a person through prescription and instruction. Basically their job is to instruct and guide you through exercises in a way that is the most beneficial for you. They are a great gateway into the world of fitness and will teach you everything you need to know to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workouts.”

Gym Tip – Workout In A Quiet Area Of The Gym.

Working out at off peak times at the gym or in a quite location can help you ease into the training, so it doesn’t feel as busy or claustrophobic.

“This is a really great way to start going to the gym as you can become familiar with the environment and how you feel in it whilst also having the privacy that you might want or need to start off with. Some gyms will have a seperate cardio room where there is a larger space for you to perform your workouts that don’t require machines. These areas are majority of the time used primarily by women, which can also be more comforting if you feel intimidated by the big guys at your gym.”

Bonus Tip: “Give yourself a goal to achieve after each workout, like performing your last few sets of your workout in the main area of the gym.”

“Think about what exercise is doing for you and your body and how amazing you’ll feel after completing it. You never regret a workout. It might be embarrassing performing frog pumps in front of strangers, but who is really losing out on the booty gains here? Only you. So frog pump your way to a rounder peach!”

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