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Kristina Guice Followed A Ketogenic Diet To Lose Over 100lbs In 2 And A Half Years!

Kristina Guice Followed A Ketogenic Diet To Lose Over 100lbs In 2 And A Half Years!

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Kristina Guice had always struggled with her weight, growing up being “the fat kid in school” and after accepting a place in a graduate school in New York, knew she had a chance to change her image.

“I was like, ‘Here is my someday“. I could to a grad school program with people across the country who I’ve never met before, and I could be who I want to be.”

Kristina researched online and found out about Keto, a diet high in protein and fat and very low in carbs. This approach helped her lose over 100lbs and transform her life!

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How Did You Get Started?

Well, I wrote a longer blog post about this a while ago, but here’s the jist: I was unhappy, I saw /r/keto on reddit, I read about it, got MyFitness Pal and… did it. I didn’t phase out carbs, or do a transition period. One day: carbs. The next day: keto.

In the beginning, I had eggs for breakfast a lot (and bacon, ofc); usually a salad with fatty dressing for lunch; and some sort of meat + veg for dinner (steak and zucchini, taco salad, bunless burger, chicken sausage with cucumber salad).

Was It Hard To Get Used To?

Well, kind of. I missed the convenience of carbs – you can’t just order a pizza, or grab a bag of chips, or run to Taco Bell. It’s a lot more cooking and prepping than I was used to, but I actually came to really enjoy that. I like cooking, and I like making things, but I never knew how… so keto was a learning experience for me that ended up being really delicious and made me lose weight 😀

And I’ve always loved fatty foods (my dad hates them so they were banned from my house as a kid…. so guess what I sought out at every opportunity) so I had no trouble on that front.

Do You Follow A Meal Plan? Could You Make Me One?

I don’t! Never have. I know that and have beginner meal plans available to get you started on keto, and they’re also full of recipes! I’ve personally never liked being told *exactly* what to eat, and I spend a lot of my free time thinking about food – so I’d just spend the day looking at recipes and deciding what to make for dinner.

I don’t try new recipes very often anymore; I have kind of a keto arsenal of go-to meals that work for me.

As for making you a meal plan…. listen, I hate to seem mean, but if I don’t even do it for me, I’m not going to do it for you – and if I did, it wouldn’t be free.

How Long did It Take You To Lose 100lbs?

A little over 2.5 years. I started in March 2014, and hit 100 pounds down on my birthday, November 4, 2016.

Do You Count Calories? Or Just Carbs? Net Carbs Or Total Carbs?

I track calories, carbs, fat, and protein – all the macros. I use MyFitness Pal to keep it all sorted. I keep my net carbs at 20g a day or maybe 25g if I really pushed myself at the gym – but I also keep an eye on total carbs and try to stay under 50g/day of those to make sure I’m not relying TOO much on fiber and sugar alcohols. Having like, 100g total carbs a day – even if it worked out to 15g net somehow – would probably mess with ketosis for me.

How Do I Get Into Ketosis?

Follow a ketogenic diet. It’ll happen.

HowMany Calories Do You Eat Per Day?

Currently 1440, and you can see how I got that number in this post right here!

So Should I Eat That Many Calories Too?

Maybe! Go check out a macro calculator (I compare four of them in this post) and see what numbers it gives you 🙂 Unless you’re my exact height, weight, activity level, and body fat %, my macros may not be your macros.

How Do You Get Back On Track With Keto After A Binge/Cheat/Holidays?

You just have to grit your teeth and *do it* sometimes, unfortunately. There’s no real easy answer for this. After a cheat, I usually feel like garbage – which is extra motivation to get back to keto, because it makes me feel better. Same with a binge: that comes with a lot of guilt, and eating how I know I “should” eat makes me feel better. I also keep a little sticker chart on my wall – on days that I am ‘good’ (stick to calories and carbs), I get a star. On days that I don’t…. no star. I’m very motivated by little rewards like that, so it makes me REALLY want to get a star everyday. It seems silly and childish to motivate yourself with shiny stickers, but hey! Whatever works 🙂

What’s Your Biggest Keto Challenge & How Do You Work Through It?

Honestly, the FOMO – fear of missing out. It sucks to be out with friends and see them enjoying their delicious desserts, but there’s nothing sugar-free on the menu for me to enjoy so I’m stuck sipping my diet coke. Those are the moments that I’m most tempted to cheat – it’s not that I really want the cookie or whatever, it’s that I don’t want to feel excluded. But in those moments, I just have to suck it up and either plan out a great keto dessert for when I get home; excuse myself from the night and leave (whatever, by dessert time it’s over, no need for me to be at the table forever); or find something else to occupy me. If I have to drink 5 diet cokes for dessert to avoid eating carbs, I’ll do that.

When going to dinners or events where I can bring my own food (like a potluck, or Thanksgiving), I’ll just check with the host and make sure it’s alright – then bring a keto-friendly dish and make sure that’s on my plate. I had mashed cauliflower, low-carb stuffing, homemade sugar-free cranberry sauce, and sugar-free pecan pie at Thanksgiving. It was fine! I didn’t WANT the carby desserts; I had my own. (I mean, I ended up accidentally having a dessert that had WAY more sugar than my mom led me to believe – but that’s a different story).

What Did You Pack To Eat At School/Work?

Ok, I had a weird job (in grad school) where I worked by myself for 2.5-12 hours at a time, and I ate by myself, no break room or anything… so lunch wasn’t a huge deal. I’d usually have a protein bar during a short shift, or I’d take a low carb wrap or salad for a longer shift where I’d need more sustenance. Nothing that needed refrigeration, because that wasn’t available to me. I’m currently unemployed so lunch at work is a non-issue right now.

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How Did Your Friends/Family React To Your Keto Lifestyle & Weight Loss?

They were/are supportive! My grandma, a very healthy (mostly) vegetarian who has long believed low-fat is the way to live is the most…. resistant to my food, but not outright rude. She just doesn’t *get* it, really. But she says she clearly can’t argue with the results, so whatever I’m doing must be working – as long as I’m healthy (which I am!).

My parents were very curious because they both grew up during the whole War On Fat – fat is bad, low-fat is good, non-fat is best; etc etc etc. So then suddenly having their fat daughter go “No actually it’s good for you and actually makes you lose weight” was a bit of a shock, I think. But they kinda stood back and watched and let me do my own thing – and as I clearly lost weight on it and felt better (my change in sleep patterns was a big plus for the whole family), they could tell that it was working just fine.

As for reacting to my weight loss – same thing. Everyone’s been happy and supportive for/of me, as far as I know. No Jealous Jennies who wanted to sabotage me; no friends who got distant now that I wasn’t their DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) anymore. It’s been really great. And of course – my bf has supported me the whole way too, and he’s a ketoer himself now!

Omg, Isn’t Your Cholesterol Awful? Won’t You Die Of A Heart Attack?

NOPE. My cholesterol is great! Totally healthy and normal. The idea that saturated fats and dietary cholesterol = clogged arteries and poor heart health is a M Y T H that has been disproved many times since it was introduced in the 50s…but there’s a big long explanation behind why it’s still so pervasive (blog post to come!). You can thank the asshole Ancel Keys and his dumb “Seven Countries Study” for the myth. It’s junk science, and it sucks. ANYWAY. I recommend reading “Cholesterol Clarity” by Jimmy Moore for the real information about cholesterol, and how a high-(healthy!) fat diet is actually much more beneficial to your heart than any of the low-fat, over-processed, high-carb crap being peddled today as ~heart-healthy.~ That’s right; my bacon is better for my heart health than your Cheerios are, and you’ll never ever catch me taking a statin drug.

What’s Your Exercise Routine?

I’m doing ketogains 5×5 right now! I decided I didn’t want to do endless hours of cardio (literally sometimes I would just do cardio until I got so bored and tired I had to leave… which takes like 3+ hours for me) and would rather focus on building strength and muscles (to burn more calories in the long run, eyyy) for now.

I started off by just doing cardio – usually the elliptical, because it’s easier on joints than the treadmill – and would do that until I got tired. An hour or so. Then eventually I wanted to use some weight machines, so I’d people-watch and see how other people were doing it. If I really wasn’t sure, I’d look up the machine on youtube and see how to use it. Then I’d… do it until my muscles hurt, and use another one. There’s really been no ‘gym plan’ for me until now with ketogains! I’d do literally whatever I wanted to do.

How Tall Are You?

5’5. Well, 5’4.75, but we’ll round up for my vanity.

What’s Your MyFitnessPal Name? Can I Add You?

I don’t give it out all willy-nilly readily available anymore – I did in the past and had some issues with people adding me on there for… not fitness reasons, and a few who just wanted another way to send me mean/nasty comments. Please ask via DM and I’ll probably give it to you – especially if you’re on keto.

What Kind Of Watch Do You Use At The Gym?

Polar ft60.

How Does It Compare to A Fitbit? Which Should I Get?

I don’t know how it compares to a fitbit – I’ve never used a fitbit. I like it, it works for me, it was $60 on Amazon. If you REALLY want my thoughts on it vs. a fitbit… feel free to buy me a fitbit and I’ll review it 😉 get whichever one seems best for your lifestyle! I ONLY use mine in the gym, so I like the chest strap. I also don’t like having something on my wrist all the time – so it was an easy choice for me to pass on the fitbit (also that pricetag, yike$$$)

Have You Had Any Surgery?

Nope! No weight loss surgery, no skin surgery. I’ll probably look into getting a brachioplasty + breast augmentation down the line, as those are the areas on me that bother me most. I have loose skin; it is what it is. For losing what I have, it’s really not bad. Everyone is different! Stay hydrated and use lotion – dry skin is less elastic (although my bf has lost 150+ pounds, has minimal [visible] loose skin, and apparently has NEVER USED LOTION IN HIS LIFE, the lucky duck. Those skin genetics tho).

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