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Jelly Devote Diet Plan, Sample Meals & Workout Routines For Getting In Shape!

Jelly Devote Diet Plan, Sample Meals & Workout Routines For Getting In Shape!

Jelly Devote is one of the top up and coming fitness models from Sweden, who has over 366,000 followers on Instagram and a hugely popular blog where she updates her fans with her daily diet, recipes, workouts and blog posts about her personal life. Jelly has lost over 20kg and regularly posts up her transformation pictures to help inspire people to lose weight and get fit!

Below we have collected excerpts from Jelly’s blog regarding her training, diet and recipes that helped her lose weight and continue to maintain her amazing physique. Find out her secret below and how you can do it too!

Check Out Jelly Devote’s Social Media & Website Here:

Instagram: @Jellydevote

Jelly Devote Diet Plan, Sample Meals & Workout Routines For Getting In Shape!

Jelly Devote’s Typical Diet:

It contains: Oatmeal, almond milk, peanut butter, eggs, protein shake, quinoa, sweet potato, salad in all kinds of varieties, avocado, broccoli, shrimp, salmon, white fish and nuts. This is what I eat most days.

Here is a typical day on my diet:

Breakfast: Oatmeal (oats, almond milk, a teaspoon of peanut butter), Vitamins (berrocca)

Snack: Protein Shake.

Lunch: Quinoa. Sweet Potatoes. Cod. Salmon. Green Salad. Avocado.

Snack: Plain Cashew Nuts.

Training: Amino acids. Protein Shake. (rice cakes)

Dinner: Quinoa. Sweet Potatoes. Cod. Salmon. Green Salad. Egg.

Source: Jelly’s Website.

Jelly Devote Leg Workout:

Typical exercises for Jelly’s leg day workout:

1. Squats – 10×3
2. Deadlifts – 10×3
3. Straight Deadlifts – 10×3
4. Leg Curl (front) – 10×3
5. Leg Curl (back) – 10×3
6. Pistol Squats – 10×3 (each leg)
7. Crunches with Underweight Ball
8. Side Crunches with Weighted Ball

Jelly Devote Home Abs Workout:

Quick home ab workout that you can do anywhere:

1. Situps – 20×3
2. Crunches – 20×3
3. Leg Raises – 15×3
4. Plank with Rotation – 20×3
5. Side Plank with Lift – 10×3 (each side)

Jelly Devote Total Body Workout

Here is a typical session:

1. Rotation in Pushup Position (knee to elbow)
2. Lunge with Dumbbells
3. Dumbbell Press with Situps
4. Variable Plank
5. Arm Lift with Rotation

10-20 X 3 for all exercises

Jelly Devote’s Biceps, Triceps & Abs Workout

Bicep Curl Sitting
Barbell Curl
Overhead Cable Curl
Cable Bicep Curls
Dumbbell Row
Cable Tricep Pull Down
Lying Tricep Extensions
Hanging Leg Raises
Reverse Crunches

Ended with 15min intervals.

Jelly Devote’s Leg/Glutes Workout Youtube Video

Jelly Devote Example Diet Recipes:

Chicken And Zucchini Pasta


I’m on a very low calorie diet, so I try to find new ways to cook good, nutritious and satisfying foods that do not have lots of calories. So today I made one of my favorites. Chicken and zucchini pasta! So tasty and calorie-saving!

I need: (200 calories)

110g chicken fillet
110g zucchini
100g tomato sauce

Grill the chicken fillet, then throw everything in the pan and let it simmer for about 5 minutes and it’s finished, easy and delicious!

Shrimp With Zucchini Pasta In Tomato Sauce


“Seriously. So good. I love to cook nowadays. Today I cooked two lunch boxes with sweet and sour chicken and rice for Andy, but for me, I cooked shrimp pasta in tomato sauce. So good and only 152 calories per serving. Who knew it was this easy to cook tasty and low-calorie food. I weighed in at 54kg today, which means I do not have far to go to my ultimate goal weight, where I want to stay until we get married, between 50-52kg. But as soon as I’m done, I start to build up some muscle again!”

Here is the recipe:

200g prawns
150g tomato sauce with sundried tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 lime (squeezed)
250 grams of zucchini pasta

Fry the garlic, add the prawns and little pepper and salt and squeeze the lime. Add the zucchini and tomato sauce and let it simmer until zucchini is soft! Yum!

Salmon, Sweet Potato Mash and Green Salad

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.15.17

Salmon, sweet potato puree and a salad. Fresh and clean.

Do you have other advice for people who want to lose weight?

Make sure that you know what you put in your belly. Your diet is 70% of your results and if you don’t provide your body with the right nutrition you’re never gonna get any results. That’s why I use women best quality products, to make sure i get the help I need to get my results.

On top of having the right help from supplements you need to eat clean on top that and of course stay active to achieve your goals. Something I can mention which a lot of people don’t think about, DRINK WATER! Sounds so simple, but makes such a big difference. Stops you from over eating, cleanses your body and make your body fresher and cleaner in total!

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