Hayley Westoby Lost Over 60KGs In 5 Years & Became A Bikini Ambassador!

Hayley Westoby is a Health & Fitness Addict, who is an ambassador for some amazing fitness and fashion companies, such as ASN Bondi, Saint Koko Bikini & Five Point Four Nutrition! She also shares her balanced lifestyle with her followers online by partnering up with Mentos Australia.

Hayley saw a bikini picture of herself one day and was shocked at the image she saw. She realised that she hated the person and the body that was in the photograph and knew she had to change her lifestyle to get back on track.

Over the next few years, Hayley got her diet and training sorted and lost over 60KGs through hard work, planning and dedication. Now, after previously hating her body in a bikini, Hayley has totally transformed her physique and become a bikini ambassador for an amazing UK company!


Follow Hayley Westoby On Her Social Media Here:

Instagram: @hayleywestoby
Snapchat: @hayleywestoby (She shares her complete fitness journey including diet, meals and training)

Weight Loss Diet:

Oats in the morning, post workout with a scoop of protein powder & ½ a banana.
4 meals consisting of ½ protein, ¼ carbs, ¼ veggies – no need to snack.

Example Prepped Meals


“Fail to plan. Plan to fail. Food prep done for the week, meals 2 & 3. Follow me on Snapchat for my food prep every Sunday! 👻 hayleywestoby” Meals: Kangaroo mince, Sweet potato and Beans. Chicken & Mixed Veggies.

Weight Loss Workout:

Three sessions of fasted cardio a week (45mins or more)
Five weight sessions (45 – 1 hour) a week
Three HIIT classes (F45 or HIIT classes) (45mins)
One Low Intensity Walk 45 mins or longer (Fasted)

Hayley Westoby Interview:


Before Stats: 19, 175cm, 129kgs, don’t know body fat | After Stats: 24, 175cm, 67kgs, 17% body fat

What Was Your Diet Like Originally?

I didn’t really think about my portions or what I was putting in my mouth, I was drinking twice a week at university and being hungover obviously affects if you want to eat healthy or not.


What Made You Start Getting Healthy?

I saw a photo of me in a bikini, I broke down and hated the person I had become. That picture, still to this day is my motivation to keep going.

What Small Changes Do You Think Had The Biggest Impact?

Eating smaller meals more often. Just keeping consistent, you don’t need to be perfect you just need to keep going, fall off or have a bad day/week, acknowledge it and keep going.


How Did You Stay Motivated?

Set a small goal, and lots of them! Keep smashing those small goals, and you will end up at your end goal.

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Were There Any Particular Tough Points On Your Journey?

Yes, I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said no. The tough points make the end result so much better. Plateauing is the worst feeling after so much weight loss, you just need to re-analyse your goals and keep pushing!


What Advice Would You Give Someone Looking To Lose Weight?

Set a small goal, and lots of them! If you achieve a small goal in 4 weeks, that’s your motivation to set a new goal and keep moving forward. If you have a bad day, or a bad week, acknowledge it and get right back on your journey. Don’t let it slow you down, don’t let it beat you!

What Are The Most Common Questions People Ask When They See Your Incredible Change?

How did you do it? How do you stay motivated?


What Are Your Favourite Healthy/Weight Loss Recipes?

I love Taco salad – everything in a taco (no sour cream or cheese) just in salad form.

How Do You Feel After Completing Such An Amazing Transformation?

I am so much happier, training and eating right. I am a better person because of my transformation and I just want to help as many people achieve their goals, so they can feel as good in their own skin, as I do!


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