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10 High Protein Shamrock Shake Recipes For St Patricks Day!

10 High Protein Shamrock Shake Recipes For St Patricks Day!

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It’s okay to enjoy treats when you are eating healthy. If you want a ‘real’ shamrock shake from McDonalds, go ahead and enjoy! However, if you want to avoid McDonalds, the higher calorie content of some of their shakes and want to have fun making your own ‘Shamrock Shake’, then we have compiled a list of the 10 best healthy, high protein shamrock shake recipes for you to try out.

Each of these recipes uses healthy ingredients and some clever tricks to get that same delicious, minty taste with a fraction of the fat and calories. Try out your favourites and let us know what you think! Enjoy.

10 High Protein Shamrock Shake Recipes For St Patricks Day!



Nutritional Information Of The Shamrock Shake By The Huffington Post

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1. Shamrock Protein Shake From


An amazing, high protein shamrock shake from the incredible food blog, Packed full of protein, with a whopping 30g, with only 5g of fat and 8g of carbs.

2. Protein Shamrock Shake From ProteinWorld


A healthy green shake to celebrate St. Patricks day” This is a delicious recipe with 395 Calories and an amazing 42.7g of Protein, the most protein of any shake on the list. Made by top supplement brand, ProteinWorld, you know you are getting the best!

3. 77 Calorie High Protein Shamrock Shake From SimplyTaraLynn

The lowest calorie Shamrock Shake that you will find. Only, an incredible, 77 calories, full of mint leaves and baby spinach. To make this recipe, go here: 77 Calorie High Protein Shamrock Shake From SimplyTaraLynn.

4. Healthy Shamrock Shake Recipe From ChocolateCoveredKatie


Chocolate Cover Katie’s “Healthy Shamrock Shakes” look as good as they taste. Made with chocolate chips and a frozen banana, this healthy treat tastes just like the real thing!

5. Skinny(er) Shamrock Shake From SkinnyTaste


This shake includes avocado in its recipe and with just 170 calories per serving is one of the lighter versions of this St Patricks Day favourite. Check out the recipe here.

6. Vanilla Bean Coconut Shamrock Shake From EdiblePerspective


Made with coconut milk and real vanilla bean, this shamrock shake recipe from EdiblePerspective, even comes with it’s own chocolate coconut butter sauce. What are you waiting for?

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7. Vegan Shamrock Shakes From NutriFitMama


Delicious vegan recipe of the original shamrock by Packed with spinach and broccoli, this shake has 6g of fiber per serving and only 2g of fat.

8. Shamrock Shakes From CupcakesandKaleChips


Made with Kale, CupcakesandKaleChips’ Shamrock Shakes Recipe give’s you several different options to customise this shake to your liking. Try it and enjoy!

9. Protein Shamrock Shake By 24 Carrot Life


Another amazing shamrock shake recipe from top food blog, 24 Carrot Life. Gluten Free with a Vegan option, full of protein. Recipe includes bananas and spinach with vanilla and peppermint extract. Check it out here and check out the rest of their site for other amazing recipes.

10. Skinny Shamrock Shake From


Great ‘Skinny Shamrock Shake‘ from Recipe includes vanilla greek yoghurt and milk ice cubes to keep the shake cold without watering it down. Enjoy!

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