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Amazing Couple Danny & Kalean Lost Over 325lbs Together – Guide & Interview!

Amazing Couple Danny & Kalean Lost Over 325lbs Together – Guide & Interview!



Inspirational Weight Loss Couple Danny & Kalean’s Amazing 325lb Transformation Story

Danny: Growing up I was always over weight. My family does not have great medical history and I knew that if I did not change my ways, I would run into many issues down the road. My father passed away from cancer almost 3 years ago and he was unable to get the treatment he needed due to his heart issues. I did not want to worry about my weight impacting my health later in life.

Kalean: Unlike Danny, I gained most of my weight in college. In high school I was bigger but once I went off to school my weight spun out of control. Once I got to college I ate so much processed food, drank alcohol and did not care at all what I was putting into my body. We knew we had to change if we wanted to live a long and happy life so started our weight loss journey on January 8th, 2013. We started off by cutting out processed foods, eating whole grains and increasing our water intake. We went to the gym 3 times a week and did whatever we could. It has been a transition but we just made small changes that eventually turned into big changes. It has not been easy but it has been the best thing we could of ever done.

Our dramatic change happened when we were unable to go up to my apartment on the third floor without having to stop and take a break. We realized that we needed to make a permanent change to make sure we live a long and healthy life together. After doing yoyo dieting for a few years we knew that failing this time was not an option. We made a new years resolution to get healthy and have never looked back.


Weight Loss Inspiration Danny & Kalean’s Weight Loss Guide!

When we first got started we were overwhelmed with where to start but we figured we would start of small and cut out processed foods, switch to whole grains, and cut out soda/increase our water intake. Danny and I would go to the gym 3 times a week and do whatever we could. Danny started off by walking on the treadmill.

Running was too hard on my knees so I started off on the elliptical with very low resistance. After a few weeks Danny was able to start jogging and slowly increase his speed. Now he is able to run 5 miles in about 56 minutes which is something he never imagined doing.

Danny’s Workout Schedule

Monday: 5 mile run Upper body weights (rowing, bicep curls and push-ups.)

Tuesday: 3 mile run Lower body weights (squats & dead lifts)

Wednesday: 4 mile run Upper body & core exercises (sit-ups & crunches)

Friday: 5 mile run


Kalean’s Workout Schedule

Monday: Elliptical for 60 minutes on max resistance & abs (crunches, plank, Russian twist, reverse crunch)

Tuesday: Elliptical for 60 minutes on max resistance & upper body (dips, dumbbell press, push ups)

Wednesday: Walk/Run 4 miles on the treadmill

Thursday: Elliptical & abs

Friday: Legs – Squats, deadlifts, leg press, leg extension

Saturday: Elliptical

Sunday: Rest

I workout on the elliptical about 4-5 times a week and have recently been able to use max resistance (100) for an hour. Within the past two months I have attempted to run again since I have lost weight and I am able to run an 11 minute mile. We have both been incorporating weight lifting into our routine to help gain muscle and decrease our extra skin due to weight loss. It has been a long process but quitting does not make it go any quicker. You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start.

Our diet now consists of eating as clean as possible. We eat about 5-6 times a day (three meals and two or three small snacks), a gallon of water a day, avoid processed or refined foods, try to eat organic foods, lean meats, and little carbs. It sounds very strict but we do have our cheats but we plan ahead for them. We learned by planning our cheat items ahead of time, we know that we really want them and do not feel as guilt about it.

We have had the same breakfast everyday for the past 18 months.

Danny & Kalean’s Diet Plan


Breakfast is 1 egg, 2 egg white omelette with cut up green pepper, onion, 1 slice of some sort of lunch meat (either ham or turkey), then 1 slice of low fat american cheese melted on top.

Lunch is more up in the air depending on if I have class or if Danny works. We usually make tuna with spicy mustard, cottage cheese and peaches, a smoothie, sushi or a salad.

Dinner is usually a chicken breast, 98% lean ground turkey breast or fish and a green vegetable.

Snacks are usually fruit, popcorn, nuts or protein bars.

Danny started seeing results a lot quicker than I did. He was able to do more at the gym and was losing a lot of inches. After about 2 weeks of changing our diets and starting to go to the gym, we felt so much better on the inside and thats what really matters. It took me about 5 months to lose a dress size, however I was noticing small changes almost right away. We were able to go up steps without being so out of breath, more energy to do things together, my rings felt loser, we were happier but most importantly for me, I was starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. We both had a lot of weight to lose so we could see the numbers on the scale drop quickly but physical changes took a little bit longer.

Some tips that I have found to really help me lose weight and stay focuses is to mix up your workouts! Not only does it keep you interested in working out, but I have found that I lose more if I mix it up every once in awhile.

Spicy mustard on tuna does sound really weird but it is a huge calorie saver. There are so many tiny ways to cut calories out that it is really helpful if you just take a few minutes to read labels, most of the time you will be able to find a healthier options.

Take progress pictures & measure yourself! Sometimes you lose inches more than pounds and it can be discouraging to not see big changes on the scale. Taking measurements and pictures can really show you just how far you have come when you are feeling discouraged or unmotivated.

Danny & Kalean’s Interview


Before Stats:

Danny – 27, 400lbs, 6ft tall, 54 paint, 4x shirt.
Kalean – 21, 363lbs, 5ft 7in, 60in waist, 2x shirt.

After Stats:

Danny – 28, 184lbs, 6ft tall, 34 slim, M shirt.
Kalean – 22, 240lbs, 5ft 7in, 45in waist, L shirt.


How Did You Put On The Weight?

Danny: I put on my weight growing up and transferred my bad eating habits into adulthood. I overate all the time and even did wing eating competitions.

Kalean: I put on my weight in college by eating a lot of processed foods, a lot of soda, excess sugar, alcohol and not caring about portion sizes. We were both so inactive that it was a major contributor to our weigh gain and horrible and unhealthy lifestyle.

How Did You Feel About Yourself At Your Heaviest Weight?

Danny: I felt like a failure because I had let myself get so bad. I had no motivation to better my life and did not what my future had in store for me.

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Kalean: At my heaviest I felt like a disappointment. Not only a disappointment in myself but to those that I love because I was so lazy and unmotivated to do so many things. I also felt like I was not good enough to be thin and now I have learned its not about being thin, its about being healthy. I felt like I didn’t have the time to better myself but I learned that I am worth spending the time on myself and I absolutely had to. I did not have any confidence whatsoever. I always felt like I was busting out of my skin and that everyone was starring at me because of my size.

What Sparked Your Dramatic Change?

Our dramatic change happened when we were unable to go up to my apartment on the third floor without having to stop and take a break. We realized that we needed to make a permanent change to make sure we live a long and healthy life together. After doing yoyo dieting for a few years we knew that failing this time was not an option. We made a new years resolution to get healthy and have never looked back.

Where People Supportive Of Your New Lifestyle?

People were generally supportive of me. I think everyone wanted to see me start but it was hard for some people to accept this as my new lifestyle. There have been quite a few times where I have gotten into arguments with people about why I cant “just have one” or go out to the bar with them because “they are on a diet too”. After I lost about 50 pounds, someone asked me if it “sucked that I was still dieting” and I laughed out loud. All I could do was respond with how good I felt and how it does not suck at all because I am proud and gaining confidence. Danny’s friends have always been supportive of him and could not be more proud of him hitting his goal weight. Luckily both of our families are so supportive and encouraging with our new lifestyle. Whenever we go home everyone makes an effort to provide healthy choices for us which is very sweet.

How Did You Support Each Other?

We supported each other by just encouraging one another. If one of us is having an off day or feel discouraged, the other one just reminds them of how far we have come. Another wonderful thing is that we have both experienced the same frustrations so if we need advice on working out or plateaus, we can support one another with tips on what worked for us as individuals to push through the challenging times.

Was It Easier To Do It Together?

It was a lot easier to do it together because having a strong support system is so important. I couldn’t imagine not having a supportive partner because since we both have the same goals, we buy only healthy food, go to the gym often and work hard everyday to get us closer to our goals. If you do not have a partner who is supportive, social media has really helped us also. I am on instagram and have met so many wonderful and supportive people.

What Did You Do Differently In Day To Day Life?

We never really did anything together except watch tv but now we go to the gym, go on hikes, walk around shopping mall and so much more. We just went to work and school but that was it. We were so sedentary before and just let life pass us by.

What Did You Change In Your Diet?

We stopped eating fast, processed and junk food. We also limited our soda, carbs and alcohol consumption. We added lots of fruits, veggies, lean protein and water. We did not take any supplements to curb our appetite. It was all old school!

What Would We Have Found In Your Fridge Before? What Would We Find Now?

Before you would of found stuffing, pizza, chinese take-out, soda, wine, ice cream…basically every bad food for you! We still eat things like this on occasion but now we have chicken, carrots, apples, eggs, hummus and cheese.

What Exercise Did You Begin To Do?

Danny started off by walking and I started off by using the elliptical because that is all our bodies could really handle. We were nervous to find a gym that we liked because we were too embarrassed but we found a small gym close to our apartment that we felt comfortable going too.

Any Tough Points On Your Journey?

There have been many points that were challenging. It is challenging when you are putting in so much effort and not seeing the numbers change on the scale but you just have to have faith that it will all catch up. You cant compare your journey to someone else’s so just take it one day at a time. It can be really discouraging if you think of how much weight you have to lose, so we broke it down into smaller more attainable goals.

How Did You Stay Motivated?

We stay motivated by thinking of how far we have come, how much better we are and how much time and effort we have put into this so far. We never want to go back to the way we were before. We have put too much into this to give up now!

What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Was Looking To Lose Weight?

Besides taking progress pictures, small attainable goals and taking measurements, we would say to just take it one day at a time. It can be a long process and everyone has challenging times but you cannot get discouraged. Just take it one step at a time. It is important to listen to your body and not push yourself to hard at first so you don’t hurt yourself. We also transitioned into this lifestyle, it was certainly not an over night change. By making it a transition, it was easier to stick with it because we did not cut everything out cold turkey.

Did You Make Any Mistakes When You First Started?

Our biggest mistake was not getting into lifting sooner. It really helps with excess skin which we both have but if we would of started sooner, the excess skin would not of been as bad. Also we were big into eating late at night in the beginning which was really hard to stop but it really helped both of us to try not to eat after dinner or to eat something light.

Did You Use Any Supplements?

Nope! We do not take, and never did take, any supplements.

How Do People React To New You Now?

Danny just saw an old friend for the first time in about 3 years and his friends jaw dropped and all he could say was “holy s$!t!”. People tell us all the time how proud of us they are and how we are motivating so many individuals who are in the situation we once were.

What Are Your Goals For The Future?

Our goals now are to continue to live a healthy lifetsyle. I have not hit my goal weight yet so I am still working on reaching my ideal weight and Danny’s goal is to maintain his weight. Right now we are really passionate about helping others and sharing our story.

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