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The 8 Best Fat Burning Exercises You Need To Start Doing!

The 8 Best Fat Burning Exercises You Need To Start Doing!

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1. Rowing.

Far too often, the rowing machine is the most ignored cardio machine at the gym! With all of the other fancy equipment nowadays, it’s easy to overlook. People flock to the stair climber, the treadmill, the elliptical, or the bike. Next time you are at the gym, try the rowing machine instead.

Did you know that the rowing machine works more muscles than any of the other cardio machines? It’s true! The leg presses and rows you do use just about every muscle in your body. The best part is that it is easy on your joints. Get started by setting the resistance low and give yourself a chance to get used to it. Keep a slow pace the first few times you try to row, and try to do it for 10 minutes. After a few sessions, we promise you will be a pro!

2. The Front Squat.

Let’s be honest: Front squats are hard to do and no one really likes them – especially when there are much easier alternatives to do. But the front squat can do absolute wonders for your quads.

To do a front squat, first start with a loaded or empty barbell on a squat rack. Hook your fingers around the bar in the most comfortable hand position that you like to use. Place the bar above your clavicles and rotate your elbows up to form a horizontal angle with your arms. Tighten your midsection while taking the bar off the rack. Stay strong! Keeping your feet shoulder width apart, push your hips back, and put the resistance on your heels. Take a deep breath while you lower yourself into a squatting position. Stand back up making sure your chest is up and your knees are out.

3. Mix Low, Medium & High Cardio.

Some people tend to think that high intensity cardio is the best type of cardio to do for fat burning. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The best way to burn fat is to speed up your cardio and then slow it down… and then slow it down some more, doing intervals. You can read more about the types of cardio exercise here.

4. Do A Combination Of Weights And Cardio.

There isn’t just one type of exercise that you should be doing! Learn to mix it up, and in turn you will be working different muscle groups. Remember: If your body gets too used to a certain exercise, you may hit a plateau and stop losing weight or building muscle.

5. Burpees.

Talk about a core-toning, upper body tightening, leg workout all in one! Burpees can be very difficult to do – but for good reason. They work many muscle groups, and will help you get into shape quickly. You can do burpee exercises anywhere, as there is no equipment needed. To do a burpee, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Lower yourself into a squat, putting your hands on the ground in front of you. Next, kick your feet back so you are in a push-up position. Lower yourself down and do a push-up. Kick your feet back into the position you started in. Stand, and then jump up, clapping your hands above your head. If you can, repeat!

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6. Mountain Climbers.

Mountain climbers are another type of exercise that needs no equipment. A word to the wise: mountain climbers are not fun, but they will tone you up! Mountain climbers will help your heart health, give you lower body power and core strength. You can see how mountain climbers are done by looking at this website.

7. Jumping Jacks.

You learned this exercise as a kid, and it’s still one of the best exercises that you should be doing! Jumping jacks get your heart rate up, and seriously burn those pesky calories. Jumping jacks are also great because you can do them just about anywhere.

8. Side Planks With Alternating Leg Raises.

Ouch! Side planks with leg raises are tough, but you can do it! This exercise targets the outer thighs, deltoids and obliques, and takes a lot of upper and lower body strength. You can see them demonstrated here.

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