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25 Amazing Pre-Workout Snacks You Need To Be Eating!

25 Amazing Pre-Workout Snacks You Need To Be Eating!

Ready to do a power workout? Before you start, make sure your body is prepared! Did you know that your body needs the proper fuel to keep you working out to the best of your abilities? The foods below contain carbohydrates to help your muscles. They also have high amounts of fiber, protein and good fats that will keep your energy levels up. Take a look at these pre-workout snacks that will give you the energy to burn calories and build muscle!


1. Fruit & Protein Powder Smoothie.

If you pack your smoothie with fruits and protein powder, you will get an energy boost during your workout!

2. Greek Yoghurt.

With an average of 18 grams of protein per serving, Greek yoghurt is an excellent pre-workout choice.

3. Dark Chocolate.

Try to eat dark chocolate that contains more than 75% cocoa before your workout. It will give you the endurance to keep going!

4. Oatmeal.

Oatmeal will give you both short-term and long-term energy before a workout. This is because it is packed with carbohydrates that digest slowly.

5. Peanuts.

The fat in peanuts will give you more endurance when running or when working out at the gym.

6. Protein Bar.

Eat a protein bar before you do a muscle-building workout. It’s best to make sure that it has at least 15 grams of protein in it, as this will have the best effect on your muscles.

7. 1 Hard-Boiled Egg.

Eggs are a good source of iron, giving you both muscle power and brain power!

8. 1 Banana.

High potassium foods like bananas will help to prevent muscle cramps during your workout.

9. 1 Slice Of Whole Grain Toast.

Whole grains are packed with complex carbohydrates, which will help you to keep going and going… and going during your workout!

10. Trail Mix.

Find some trial mix that has both nuts and dried fruit in it. The nuts will prevent your insulin levels from falling, while the dried fruit will give you some good sugars for energy.

11. Fresh Berries.

Berries contain antioxidants which help to stop free radical damage that happens when you exercise.

12. 1 Apple With 2 Tablespoons Of Almond Butter.

Eating an apple will give you healthy sugars to boost your workout energy, while almond butter will provide protein for your muscles.

13. One Half Cup Of Brown Rice.

Packed with complex carbohydrates, brown rice will fuel your toughest workouts.

14. One Half Cup Of Black Beans.

Black beans are a great combination of protein and complex carbohydrates, ideal for a hard afternoon at the gym!

15. 10 Multigrain Crackers.

The carbohydrates in multigrain crackers will boost your endurance, especially when running or doing cardio workouts.

16. Half Of A Chicken Sandwich On Whole Wheat Bread.

This tasty snack will not only provide protein from the chicken, but also complex carbohydrates from the whole grains. This is both a filling snack and an ideal pre-workout meal!

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17. Low Fat String Cheese And 6 Whole Grain Crackers.

String cheese has a good amount of protein in it, while whole grain crackers will give your muscles the carbohydrates they need to perform their best!

18. Whole Grain Bagel.

The complex carbohydrates in whole grain bagels will give you the lasting energy you need to complete a tough workout.

19. Carrots.

Not only does the potassium in carrots help stop muscle fatigue, but the carbohydrates in carrots give you energy to do your best!

20. Whole Grain Cereal.

The complex carbohydrates in whole grain cereal give you the boost of energy that you will need to succeed!

21. Chicken Thighs.

Iron and zinc found in chicken thighs will give you stamina to do your best.

22. Cranberries.

Cranberries have 25 whopping grams of carbs per ¼ cup! Eating them will give you lots of energy.

23. Flaxseed.

Loaded with gut-healthy fiber, flaxseed will keep you feeling good throughout your workout.

24. Hummus.

Hummus contains unsaturated fats, complex carbohydrates and protein – the perfect ingredients for keeping you feeling strong.

25. Salmon

The omega-3’s in salmon may lessen abdominal fat and help when working out the core muscles.

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