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‘The New Forty’ Gina Ostarly’s Beginner’s Tips For Weight Loss Success!

‘The New Forty’ Gina Ostarly’s Beginner’s Tips For Weight Loss Success!


Amazing Abs

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Gina Ostarly “The New Forty” Fitness Inspiration Talks With Trimmed & Toned!


What Are Your Tips For Success?

This is my “Lets Get Back on Track” list. Great for begenners are those of us who fall off the wagon from time to time

Lets Get Back on Track: FOCUS on your health instead of weight loss with these ten. “Where the mind goes, the body follows”

    1. G.Y.M. Get Yourself Moving!

Incorporate 30 minutes of “ daily activity”. Doing so improves mood, sleep and sex! Boost energy and combats disease.

    2. Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast causes our metabolism to speed up, and therefore more calories will be burnt throughout the day. Eating a healthy breakfast helps to improve mental performance, concentration, and mood. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight.

    3. Drink More H2O

Increases metabolism and regulates appetite. Increases energy levels. Most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration. Can prevent and or eliminate headaches. Shoot for ½ your body weight in ounces per day.

    4. Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller meals will boost metabolism, discourage over eating, provide a regular influx of energy, and encourage more efficient calorie burning.

    5. Switch To “Low Fat” Or “Fat Free” Versions Of Your Favorite Foods

Switching to low fat or fat free versions of your favorites will cut calories and unwanted fats.

    6. Take FRIED Foods Off The Menu

They put you at RISK for: heart disease, diabetes, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, obesity, and acne. Also known to trigger: acid reflux and IBS.

    7. Read Food Labels And “KNOW” What They Mean

Get in the habit of reading nutritional labels. Packaging can be deceitful. These 3 rank high on the list: Cereal, stick to serving sizes. Yogurt, check sugar content of your favorite brand. Scout out one with 10g or less. Packaged foods, check sodium content, the RDA amount is 1500-2000mg.

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    8. Eliminate ALL “The White” Flour And Sugar

Neither holds any nutritional value. Both have been shown to cause blood sugar spikes which can lead to metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

    9. Food Journal

This can be your biggest accountability tool when it comes to what you eat. We are less likely to splurge when we have to write it down.

    10. Partner Up

The “buddy” system is a powerful motivator and will help you stay the course.

Incorporate at least 5 of these EVERYDAY. Of course, the more you incorporate the better! True health and fitness are won over time with consistent effort!

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Photography Credit: Walter Ostarly

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