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How Meghan Gilbert Ate More And Lost 80lbs And 8 Dress Sizes!

How Meghan Gilbert Ate More And Lost 80lbs And 8 Dress Sizes!

Meghan Gilbert used to turn to food as a cure to all her problems, eating to make herself feel better but only making her situation worse.

After getting up to 200 pounds at 5’4″, Meghan tried starving herself to get slim but realised quickly that to lose weight the right way, she would need to fuel her body with healthy food and start to enjoy working out.

Incredibly, Meghan dropped 65 pounds in 4 months and totally transformed how she felt about herself. She has continued on that journey and now inspires thousands of other people on her social media. Read on to find out exactly how she did it!

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A moving excerpt from Meghan’s Instagram were she talks about her weight loss journey and how you can really change your life.

“Healthy is the best lifestyle to live.. When I look at my senior photo on the left, I feel sorry because she didn’t know happiness. Yes, being healthy is obviously not the only reason someone can be happy. But as for an OVERRALL happiness and fighting depression, it really makes a huge impact.

The girl on the left looks in the mirror and cries. The girl on the left wouldn’t wear shorts her whole life because when she did people would stare and talk. She hated shopping because the fitting rooms light shows you every flaw and piece of cellulite. She didn’t like photos unless they were angled from above. She even deleted all her prom photos while crying, because of how she felt about herself.. And to cope with things, she would go get a large sweet tea and fries and eat her problems away.. I could not live like that anymore.

After my overdose, I knew something had to change. It started with loving myself.

Learning to love myself was my motivation. Learning to care about what I put in my body IS my motivation still. Caring about my health. Having a purpose. That’s motivation.

It will not be easy at first but I promise it gets easier in the end. It becomes a habit and then eating fast food will not go well with your body anymore so that won’t even be an option! It gets better, but you have to start.

Stop half assing it and only dieting for half a week. Put your full potential in. MEAL PREP. and don’t have any bad foods in your house! PLEASE.

Making this decision was the best decision of my life. It changed everything. Life will be better than you could even imagine if you simply just make the change. You can’t get the ass you want by sitting on it, so get it NOW.”

Meghan spoke to Health about eating more and losing 72 pounds and details how she put on the weight in her younger days.

“Growing up, I never knew the importance of exercise (the most activity I would get was at band practice). That, combined with my love of sweet tea and fast food, was a recipe for weight gain. In fact, by my senior year of high school, my petite five-four frame was weighing in at 190 pounds.”

Falling into the traps that most people do, Meghan thought restriction and depriving herself was a sure fire way to lose weight fast.

“I thought the only way to lose was to severely restrict my calories, so I started limiting my meals to just a few crackers here and there. Sure, I shed a few pounds, but I was constantly famished and exhausted. It was clear that if I wanted to drop weight, I needed to fuel my body the right way.”

Rather than continue on the path of starvation and exhaustion, Meghan started to research a better way to do it. She started to eat more of the right foods, learning to love healthy food and start exercising to lose the weight, rather than through massive calorie restriction.

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“I revamped my eating habits, adding protein-packed meals, like chicken or eggs with a side of good carbs and veggies, to my diet. I also started jogging-slash-walking for an hour and a half three times a week. Within two weeks I had more endurance, and my energy levels were up, too.”

“The real change came, though, when I began dating a personal trainer. With his help, I started hitting the gym twice a day, five times a week, doing cardio in the morning and strength training at night. I loved the feeling I got after putting my all into a workout—and the soreness the next day was confirmation that I was steadily working toward my goal. My can-do attitude paid off: Four months later, I was down about 65 pounds.

Meghan has continued with her healthy routine, losing a total of 80 pounds to date and is much happier with her relationship with her body and food now.

“Today I no longer pay attention to the scale. I’m also more lenient with my diet, I eat healthy most of the time but treat myself when I want. I love that I found a balance that keeps me happy, healthy, and loving my body. I try to project this message on my Instagram account, @megsmotivationn, to inspire others to reach their goals, too.”

Meghan’s Advice For Losing Weight

Follow your inspiration: My Instagram feed is filled with accounts that encourage me to love and take care of myself. One favorite is @tk_line09; every day, she posts a motivational quote or an empowering gym selfie. These help keep me on track.

Amp up exercise: On days I’m feeling sluggish, I’ll have a cup of coffee 30 minutes before I go to the gym. The caffeine keeps me working hard. Plus, research shows it can help you burn more calories post-exercise.

Indulge with friends: I typically have one or two meals each week where I eat whatever I want. To make them more rewarding, I use them as a time to socialize with pals.

Counter cardio: The treadmill is great, but I believe my weight loss came more from strength training. Exercises like deadlifts and squats helped me shed pounds fast.”

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