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Mathilde Broberg: 10 Simple Things I Did To Lose Over 66KG!

Mathilde Broberg: 10 Simple Things I Did To Lose Over 66KG!

Mathilde Broberg has one of the most inspirational weight loss transformations of all time, dropping half her body weight by making consistent, quality choices with her diet and lifestyle. As she tells it:

Yes. It is a long and tough journey, but it’s all worth it. Trust me, I’ve had times where I just wanted to quit it all and I said to myself “It doesn’t matter anyways.. I’ll never lose weight and be a size ‘normal‘. I’m soooo happy for not letting that voice control me this time! 🙅🏽 Patience and self discipline is the key to a successful weight loss!

Don’t give up and don’t look back. Take one day at a time and set small goals for yourself. Trust me, you WILL and CAN reach your goal. Just gotta keep fighting! Start today and don’t wait until tomorrow.

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What I Did To Lose Weight:

1. I had 110% enough! So I was a 100% dedicated!

2. I stopped eating ALL the bad food; candy, junk, fatty food, gluten etc – If you REALLY want to lose weight you can do this! You’re the only one who’s stopping you from reaching your goals!

3. I ate ONE SMALL portion per meal.

4. I ate (and still do) with a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon + small plates and bowls!

5. NEVER look back! Remember to take pictures throughout your progress – compare them one month at a time.


5. Remember that EVERY LITTLE thing counts!

6. I lost the first 40kg from dieting – Eat clean (organic), home cooked food, healthy and drink water!

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7. EAT LESS CALORIES THAN YOU BURN – and you’ll lose weight! Your body burn 1200 calories on its own, so don’t go under this number or you’ll lock down your metabolism (I’ll suggest 1600 kcal if your trying to lose weight)

8. FIND YOUR BMR (Google it) and stick with that number!

9. Never ever give up!!

10. Start with SMALL goals! Don’t go with “I have to lose 100lbs” Try saying “Okay, I have to loose 10lbs and then I can buy this new shirt” REWARD YOURSELF!


“What do you eat? I EAT HEALTHY AND CLEAN ✨ I ate small portions!! It’s all about the food when your trying to lose weight! Screw the gym and workouts if you’re not eating right! So start in the kitchen, I believe in you guys!”

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