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Anna Victoria’s 6 Secret Diet Strategies To Lose Weight & Stick To Your Diet!

Anna Victoria’s 6 Secret Diet Strategies To Lose Weight & Stick To Your Diet!

Anna Victoria has become one of the top fitness influencers on the internet today, with a staggering 1.3 Million followers on her Instagram account. Countless people have downloaded her Fit Body Guides and Meal Plans which help people change the way they live their lives.

She has become dedicated to helping people lose weight, get healthy and get in the best shape of their lives. Giving insight into her lifestyle on her social media, including her daily diet, workouts, motivation and her day to day life.

She shared her secret tips with Delish on how to prepare yourself for success with your diet goals. See what you can learn below.

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Anna Victoria didn’t always have the dream body and healthy lifestyle that is shown on her social media, she grew up eating much differently and had to learn the right way to fuel her body.

I grew up eating junk food. With a single father, I was left to cook for myself. I’d reach for whatever was microwaveable or pre-packaged, and as soon as I could drive, I’d head to the drive-thru.”

Anna Victoria’s 6 Secret Diet Strategies To Lose Weight

1. Focus On Brightly Coloured Fruits And Vegetables

Living in Italy, Anna enjoyed a variety of ‘cheat meals’ mainly involving pasta and wine, but opts to use the 80/20 philosophy when it comes to dieting. Eating healthy, nutritious foods 80% of the time, then enjoying other foods that you love 20% of the time.

“It’s more of a general guideline, really. A reminder to make fueling your body a priority. I think the 20% is just as important as the 80%. The 20% takes care of you emotionally. I think food should be fun … you should be able to enjoy a meal out without feeling guilty about it.”

When she’s in a healthy eating groove, it’s a lot of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, lean meats and complex carbs. A typical, healthy eating diet, but she also realises the importance of maintaining a balance in her diet.

2. Start Your Day With Eggs.

“I’m a creature of habit!. Some people need variation, but I am totally okay eating the same thing every day. I usually make an omelette, and lately my obsession has been turkey bacon. It’s really lean, and it’s a great source of protein.”

Anna also enjoys scrambled eggs and fried eggs and often pairs her high protein breakfast with an oatmeal bowl or a smoothie bowl with lots of fruit and healthy toppings.

3. Healthy Party Snacks.

A healthy diet can be hard to fit in an active lifestyle, filled with birthdays, parties, holidays and outings. It’s important to be smart when you are out and about and limit ‘unhealthy’ party staples and snack lightly on the smarter choices, like lean meats, cheese and vegetable crudités.

“Instead of crackers, I really like dehydrated fruit. It gives me the crunch without going crazy on chips or crackers.”

4. Eat Healthy When You Travel.

“When you’re traveling, it’s so easy to forget to eat, which is a huge no-no if you’re working out a lot.”

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Your body needs fuel to perform at it’s best and to recover from intense workouts. When you’re travelling, it’s important to ‘snack smart’ eating as healthy as you can. Keeping healthy, portable snacks that you can keep on your at all times is key to sticking to your diet when you’re away from home.

“Whenever I land, I try to find a nearby grocery store or farmers’ market and stock up on fruit and Greek yogurt, protein bars, nuts — little snacks like that.”

5. Get Your Pre And Post Workout Nutrition Nailed Down.

“Eating before your work-out is so important if you’re doing strength training. You need a protein and carb source, so I’ll normally have a protein bar.”

After cardiovascular exercise, Anna thinks refuelling your body is the main issue and not eating after can put a bit of a halt to your progress.

“For a post-workout snack, I’ll have a protein shake because. It’s liquid, and to begin the repair/recovery process, you really need something that’s quick absorbing and digesting.”

Anna recommends a post workout protein shake, with protein, coconut milk, ice, fruit and other ‘boosters’ that you enjoy, such as cinnamon or spinach.

6. Eat Well Balanced, Macro Friendly Meals.

When she’s at a restaurant, Anna tries to keep her meals as balance as possible to keep on her 80% track. Rather than opting for a massive bowl of pasta which is packed with carbs or a steak which is high in protein, she tries to find a ‘macro balanced‘ meal, which gives her a balanced range of macronutrients to keep her on track.

The hard part is choosing it. I try to balance my meal between the macros: protein, carbs, and fats. When deciding what to eat, I always look at what each is really giving me, just to make sure my foods are balanced.”

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