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8 Of The Most Popular Fitness & Diet Myths Busted By Laura Debenedictis!

8 Of The Most Popular Fitness & Diet Myths Busted By Laura Debenedictis!



It’s time for some good old myth busting! Nothing like exposing some of the crazy training stories out there in the fitness industry. There are so many of them these days it’s hard to keep up! These would have to be my top 8 myths BUSTED!!!

1. Crunches Will Give You Abs

This is one of the biggest myths out there when it comes to training. If you’ve ever heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ then I’m here to tell you it’s true. No amount of crunches will ever give you abs if you aren’t eating the right foods. Crunches will strengthen your core, but will not give you wash board abs! Abs is all about how much fat you’re carrying, not how many crunches you’ve pushed out.

2. Weight Training Will Make Women Bulky

I always have a bit of a giggle with this one. I really wish that this was true sometimes, especially when trying to put on muscle for an up and coming show. Ladies, don’t be afraid of the weight room unless you don’t want to be toned and shapely. The number one reason most women start exercising is because they want to lose weight. Well this is your best solution! Resistance training will have you burning calories hours after your workout, and give your body the best tone & shape.

3. Long Training Sessions Every Day Will Build Muscle Mass

Long training sessions over too many days is actually counterproductive for building muscle mass. Muscle mass is only built when you are resting. If you’re not giving your muscles the time to recover and repair, then you’re killing yourself without the gains! Rest equals muscle.

4. As Long As You Keep Training It Doesn’t Matter What You Eat

Number 1 rule: “You can’t out train a bad diet” This is the GOLDEN RULE. I’d give up the gym before giving up eating well. What we eat is pretty much 80% of the reason we look the way we do. Eating too many calories and training to lean down simply doesn’t work.

5. Scales Mean Everything

If there was one myth I wish we could banish it would be this one! Jumping on the scales simply tells you the force of gravity to keep you on this earth. What we more so need to look at is our body composition. How much fat and muscle are we actually carrying? Two people could be the exact same weight and height, but look completely different. One can be carrying more muscle then the other, and so their physique looks completely different. Ditch the scales I say, and start looking in the mirror!

6. Quick Weight Loss From Fad Dieting Is Sustainable Long Term

Fad dieting is just that. IT’S A FAD! It’s a quick way to drop loads of weight in a short amount of time. There seems to be so much emphasis on everything happening now these days that people forget about the long term effects of these diets. What ever happened to going back to basics and eating with balanced? Yo-yoing up and down with your weight is harmful physically and emotionally. If you want the weight off for good, look at health and fitness as part of your lifestyle, not just something we do 8-12 weeks before summer!

7. Eating Carbs Will Make You Fat

How many times have you heard this one? The fact of the matter is your body NEEDS carbohydrates for energy and won’t at all make you fat if eaten in moderation. What leads to excessive weight, is too many calories. If you’re consuming excessive calories from anything like protein, carbs or fat then yes it will lead to weight gain. The key is moderation is everything.

8. If You Stop Training Your Muscle Will Turn To Fat

You have as much chance of turning a frog into a cat as you do getting your muscle to turn to fat. This myth is complete & utter fiction and has scared so many people from weight training. Muscle and fat are 2 very different types of cells and one can’t possibly change into the other. What you are actually seeing is muscle shrinking and the person looking less toned.

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