14 Incredible Ab Workouts That Will Flatten Your Stomach In 2018!

Have you continued to stick to your new years resolution, whatever it may be? If it was to lose weight and flatten your stomach or simply start to get into a healthier mindset, we’re here to help.

Here are 14 amazing ab workouts that will help you strengthen your core and develop those muscles that give you that ripped, 6 pack look.

Try and complete one of these workouts 3-5 times a week (be sure to try different ones to keep it challenging and interesting!) and you will see strength gains and have a more solid core in not time! Save and share all your favourites on your social media!

14 Incredible Ab Workouts That Will Flatten Your Stomach In 2018!

Core Sculptor Workout

Tabata Ab Blast Workout

Rock Hard Abs Slim Waist – Summer Workout For Women

Belly Fat Reducer 10 Minute – Core Warm Up For Women

Full Body Toner – Ab Blast Home Workout

4 Alarm Blaze Core Workout

Waist Cinching Workout – Abs & Obliques Exercises

Kill Your Abs Workout

Beginner Exercises Reveal Your Abs – Workout For Women

5 Go To Abs Exercises

Kama Fitness ‘Floored Me With Those’ Abs Workout


Slim & Cinch You Waist Ab Workout At Home For Women

Intense Total Core Muffin Top Melter – Workout For Women

Abs, Obliques & Transverse Slim Waist – Summer Workout For Women

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