The Best Of #Snowga Posts On Instagram To Keep You Motivated!

Training and exercising when it’s cold out can be a daunting task. It sounds a lot better to stay in with your favourite comfort food and wait for spring to come rather than brave the weather, but if you have fitness goals, it’s important to get past any obstacle that’s in your way!

We have collected some of the best #snowga posts from Instagram, showing people performing amazing yoga poses in snowy conditions! Hopefully these photos can motivate you to stick to your goals and show you it’s possible to get a work out in, in any weather! enjoy!

The Best Of #Snowga Posts On Instagram To Keep You Motivated!

The Best Of #Snowga Posts On Instagram To Keep You Motivated!








"What happens is the best thing that can happen" – Byron Katie. Wearing @aloyoga ❄️

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Обожаю, когда вы рассказываете свои мысли на тему йоги, преподавания обучения, спасибо вам! и как следствие, очередной вопрос в студиюсразу скажу, не ржать!!! Я НА ПОЛНОМ СЕРЬЕЗЕ!! Одна мой ученица, во время выполнения Вирабхадрасаны2 начала видеть перед глазами отчетливый розовый цвет. Он начинает пульсировать, превращается в цвет фушия и охватывать ее всю ей очень интересно, что с ней происходит? Но я не могу ей ничего толком ответить, т.к. На моей практике никогда не было ничего подобного)) может кто-то что-то знает на этот счет?? У кого-то было такое? Может это как-то связано с цветом чакр? Муладхара? реально феномен) —– ⚡️⚡️Dear friends and yoga teachers, I've got a question for u: one of my students see the pink color in her eyes all the time while doing Virabhadradana2… She asks me, what can it be? Has anybody had a phenomena like that?? Can the pink color be connected to Muladhara chakra?? Thanks for your responses !!! #anikoyoga #аникойога #yoga #iloveyoga #igyogi #instayoga #instayogi #asana #grenobleyoga #dailypractice #йога #асана #yoga2016 #namaste #yogart #yogapose #yogi #yogalove #yogagram #yogini #iloveyoga #instayoga #yogapractice #yogagirls #yogaeverywhere #instasport #yogagrenoble #snowga #gresseenvercors #anjaneyasana

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Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have in this moment. It's been a month since starting traditional therapy for my #ptsd . Most days are regular days, but others I find myself thankful I made it through the day doing the best I know how in my different roles in life. While on this healing journey, I have experienced many epiphanies and have had new truths appear for me, but for all those good things I have to admit I have also experienced some of my darkest days and wrestled many of my demons. I'm in middle of it right now and I have an unshakable faith that things will get better if I do my work. If you have things to work through and have support, I encourage you to seek help for whatever it is, if you need it. I'm not an expert, but I know there is a grace to living that can be embodied when you are empowered and have learned to dance with both the darkness and the light. Much love to everyone this beautiful evening. #soblessed ✨ #beginyourzen2016 our pose s #yogischoice I chose an icy #natarajasana or #dancerpose Taghosts & sponsors ❤️ @Livvoyoga and @Wearsuccess @alissayoga @wilddthing @karmakac @yogoskenz @kamipriceyoga @chandolla

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May your inner compass lead you to your true north. #compasspose #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

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I had to get my #snowga on real quick today ❄️ Stay warm!! #hunterboots #snow #cold #fun

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Celebrate your magnificence and the magnificence around you.

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Sabah yaptığım yogayı hiçbir şeye değişmem. Musmutlu, enerji dolu güne merhaba Good morning ig family

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#snowga is a chilly adventure! So cold! I prefer the heat! #tgif

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Some #snowga for your #Saturday thanks to the ever so lovely @northcarolina_yogagirl

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It started snowing, and it was the perfect moment to roll out my yoga mat ❄️ #norway

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You are worth it. @chandolla

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