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Salma Dulo Details Out Her Amazing 50lb Weight Loss Transformation!

Salma Dulo Details Out Her Amazing 50lb Weight Loss Transformation!

Growing up, Salma Dulo never had a weight problem, but overeating during high school caused the pounds to pile up.

Here, she details out the changes she made to her lifestyle that helped her lose almost 50 pounds and make a life changing transformation.

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Salma began her love of snacking when she started High School.

Growing up I was always fit, exceeded in school fitness tests and was an extremely active child. But once high school came along and I discovered the cheap snacks at our school store, Rob’s Place, the pounds also came. It was the warm Big Texas cinnamon rolls or the plain bagel with cream cheese and the red Doritos that constantly had me daydreaming during class.”

The eating between classes and lunch time soon added up and she packed on over 60 pounds in 3 years.

I went from being 5’5 weighing in at 125 pounds freshman year to a ridiculous 185 senior year. I knew something had to be done, so I started with signing myself up at a local gym. I worked out whenever I felt like it (which was about three times a month or less), I would skip meals with the logic of ‘eating less to lose more‘ and I even tried dangerous, unapproved diet pills (WASTE OF MONEY AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, stay as far away as possible!)”

Seeing the future that was waiting for her, Salma listened to her Doctor and saw the life that was approaching her if she didn’t make some changes.

“I started because my doctor was concerned for my future. I was always thin growing up, so when I gained 50 pounds over two years she got worried. Also coming from a family with many health risks, I knew I had to change. I was tired of not fitting in old clothes, hiding in hoodies, deleting pictures because I didn’t like how I looked, having trouble walking up stairs and my doctor just scaring the hell out of me with facts.”

I wanted to change to feel better about myself inside and out. I stayed motivated after seeing the slight changes and others asking me how I did it. That’s when I knew I was becoming healthier and that others were watching. I couldn’t let them down. I have to keep going for my health and for others who think they can’t do it.”

After trying and failing with some fad diets and dangerous methods, following her Doctor’s advice, Salma started to learn what it meant to really be healthy. Not starving yourself and trying short term fixes, but eating healthier food more often and exercising.

Frustrated with all the failed attempts, I decided to get some professional help from my doctor (who always had no problem reminding me how overweight I was). She advised me on what was healthy and what was not. She also was the first person to tell me that eating MORE meals throughout the day is better than eating less meals. I then did major research online, on everything weight loss related and downloaded every fitness and health app on the free category.”

Finding new inspiration from her new roommates, she quickly changed her eating habits to keep up.

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“Summer 2012, I moved out of CT to NY and lived with three physically active roommates and needed to catch up with their looks. I spent my all my days and nights eating as healthy as I could but with little to NO WORKOUTS.”

I managed to lose 10 pounds, but it was not enough for me. August of 2013 I decided to dedicate my life to becoming healthier and stronger. I began jogging 3 times a week, 2-3 miles and weight lifting 2 times a week. By the end of 2013 i lost 10 more pounds to 165.”

Starting weight lifting and cardio made a huge difference to Salma’s body and the weight continued to fall off. Starting the gym is easy, then it’s hard to stop!

“With the motivation from myself and others, I managed to continue living healthy, working out 4 times a week and dropped to 155 by May 2014.”

“Now continuing on the LIFESTYLE (like every other health nut says) I have started for myself, I can not wait to share my experience and tips with anyone who wants to read. Wooh, that was a lot and this is just the beginning.”

Salma gives this advice to people looking to lose weight:

“I struggled for years. Do your research. Start with a proper diet, cook at home and allow yourself one day of cheating. Then eventually make it only one meal a week of cheating. Keep it the same day every week. The key to weight loss is proper nutrition and consistency. Keep fighting!”

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