NPC National Bikini Competitor Dallitza Perez’s Best Instagram Fitness Videos!



Dallitza Perez is a NPC National Bikini Competitor & Prime Nutrition Athlete who is looking to break into fitness modelling and the health and fitness world.

She has over 50,000 followers on her instagram page where she posts updates of her gym progress and workout videos. Dallitza has a sculpted mid-section and plans to compete in more bikini competitions this year!

Below are some of the best fitness and bodybuilding videos from Dallitza’s instagram page! Enjoy!

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NPC National Bikini Competitor Dallitza Perez’s Best Instagram Fitness Videos

Legs and abs. Holding the squat at the bottom and then coming up. 5 sets of 15 with 95lbs. Finished with an ab circuit 🙂 #legionofboom #abs #legday #oddosangel #1stphorm


Shoulder Day Don’t mind my face on the ropes they were a little heavy. *today’s workout I took my PWO Stim. Agmatine for that xtra pump and my yohimbine for my fatburner


Back day w/ @justingold34 kicking my butt in shape. pull ups rows pull downs For today’s workout I stacked with prime nutritions agmatine, (1scoop) yohimbine and a scoop of PWO Stim for that clean energy! email me w/any questions.


Some arm and ab workouts* “Forget the days troubles, remember the days blessings”.


Some booty workouts


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