Jen Selter – The Best Gallery Of This Curvy Fitness Instagrammer [58 Pics]

March 28, 2013
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Her pictures have been posted up all over the web, on facebook, instagram, tumblr and pinterest as motivation for people looking to get fit. If you’re on these sites, chances are you have seen her photos but probably don’t know her name.

Her name is Jen Selter (instagram: @jenselter) and she has amassed an incredible following on instagram of over 75,000 people. All these fans based solely on these pictures, though she has plans to break into the fitness industry soon, so stay tuned. She has spoken about creating a blog soon and putting more of her work out there.
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Jen Selter Part 2: The Best Gallery Of This Curvy Fitness Instagrammer [100 Pics]

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