Amber Dawn Orton Pics – Ripped Fitness Model’s Best 30 Pics!

Amber Dawn Orton is a top fitness model and sponsored athlete who “fell in love with fitness in 2009 after I won the overall in bikini at my very first NPC show”

“I had a background in pageants and modeling, yet never realized my love for lifting weights and living a truly “clean” lifestyle until I began competing. Previous to competing, I received conjoining degrees at the University of Oregon in Economics and business administration with a focus in finance and was a first time home owner at the age of 19.

My career direction drastically changed when I realized my strong passion for the fitness and health industry and have since then made it my everyday life as a full time personal trainer, nutrition/prep coach, posing instructor, endorsed athlete and fitness model.”

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Amber Dawn Orton Pics – Ripped Fitness Model’s Best 30 Pics!

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mishkadawn 41

mishkadawn 43itness Model’s

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