23 Incredible Yoga Instagrams That You Need To Be Following!

Yoga is all about practice, learning and teaching. Opening your body and your mind and finding calmness and relaxation in different positions and poses. It has a variety of health benefits and can really help if your goal is to lose weight and feel healthier.

Now, you don’t have to go to a local class or studio to learn how to get into yoga, but can simply look online and on social media. We have found 23 of the best yogis on Instagram, some with millions of followers, some with a lot fewer, but who all teach and show you how to perform some incredible and beneficial poses and provide motivation to continue this practice daily.

Be sure to follow your favourites on Instagram to get regular updates and whether you already do yoga or not, there will still be lots of different things to learn and improve on. Yoga is a brilliant addition to any strength and condition program. Enjoy!

23 Incredible Yoga Instagrams That You Need To Be Following!

1. Nwoy – Nicole Woyak

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." ✨ -Lau Tzu

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Profile: Nicole Woyak Yoga. Public health. UCLA undergrad USC grad school Co-designer of #LaIslaYoga with @laislabrand nicolewoyak.com. Nicole posts amazing poses in a variety of locations, she describes in intricate detail how to achieve the stretch and usually puts a motivational quote alongside each post. She also posts videos of her yoga workouts. One of the best yoga Instagrams to follow!

2. GypsetGoddess – Caitlin Turner

Profile: Caitlin Turner – Journeying through the endless possibilities to live a life that I love. Then sharing it with you.✌️❤✈️️:GypsetGoddess. Caitlin travels the world and documents her adventures on her brilliant instagram. Amazing yoga poses in beautiful locations.

3. RobinMartinYoga – Robin Martin

Happy Friday! Big open heart for tomorrow's pose for #JanuaryJumpStart2016 ❤ Day 2 is Urdhva Dhanurasa or wheel pose. This deep heart opener stretches the chest and lungs, opens the shoulders and strengthens the arms, wrists, legs, abs and spine. ❤️ A few simple tips on entering the pose safely – 1. Begin lying on your back, feet hip with distance with feet as close to your seat as possible. 2. Place hands, palms down, on either side of the head, fingers spread wide pointing toward the shoulders. 3. Root down through your inner feet. Keeping feet and thighs parallel, begin to press through the feet to lift the hips. Contract your quadriceps and hamstrings, avoid contraction of the glutes (release your butt! ;-)). 4. With fingers spread wide, press through the palms to gently lift to the crown of the head. Integrate shoulder blades onto back ribs. 5. Press through both hands and feet and exhale to lift your head off of the floor. Work the arms straight, open through the front body. Inwardly rotate the thighs slightly, reach the tailbone long and again – don't squeeze your butt! Most importantly, don't forget to breathe! Bridge pose is an excellent alternative if wheel pose isn't in your practice at this time. Check in with @pocketdwarf tomorrow evening for day 3. Big thanks to the rest of the crew – @yoga_ky and @seanphelpslife and our sponsors @fireandshine and @eastonwestapparel. My leggings are by @vieactivewear, available at @fireandshine. #open #friday #fridayvibes

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Profile: Robin Martin A yogi. An acro yogi. A yoga teacher. A mother of two beautiful girls. Seattle based. www.robinmartinyoga.com. Robin Martin focuses on the more acrobatic poses that require incredible strength and balance. She also explain each pose in depth like the one above!

4. Yoga_Girl – Rachel Brathen

Profile: Rachel Brathen I just want to do yoga, drink wine and save all the puppies @oneoeight.tv@109world SNAPCHAT: rachel_brathen. www.rachelbrathen.com/workshops. Rachel has one of the most popular yoga related Instagram with over 1.8 million followers, gaining a loyal fanbase by posting consistent and quality yoga updates!

5. PatrickBeach

Profile: Patrick Beach. My life sharing yoga for booking : ⬇europe class schedule!⬇️ www.patrickandcarling.com/teachingschedule. Patrick shares his adventures, yoga philosophy and lifestyle with his 280,000 followers each day.

6. FitQueenIrene – Irene Pappas

Thank you NYC see you again in February! @spotyogastudios x @laviebohemeyoga

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Profile: Irene Pappas – Online classes: CodyApp & Yoga30 Upcoming classes: 2/6 ✨ Brooklyn BERLIN date TBA 2/20-22 ✨ Richmond, VA 2/26-27 ✨ Austin, TX www.fitqueenirene.com. Irene posts daily yoga poses to inspire and motivate you to try them, some with video so you can see how each pose is accomplished!

7. BeachYogaGirl – Kerri Verna

Profile: Kerri Verna YT/FB/Snapchat/Periscope: beachyogagirl. Coming to: Ft. LauderdaleDCHouston ShopOmStars.com Workshops & classes beachyogagirl.com. As it says in the name, beautiful beaches, yoga poses and videos of some of the most difficult stretches. Kerri has almost 1 million followers thanks to her incredible photos and yoga skill.

8. YogaBeyond – Honza & Claudine Lafond

Profile: Honza & Claudine Lafond Following our bliss & inspiring others to do the same. #YogaBeyond @ACROVINYASA Next AVTT 1-11 April Bali. www.yogabeyond.com. Honda and Claudine perform couples poses as well as poses by themselves and show incredible feats of strength, flexibility and trust in a number of different locations.

9. Talia_Sutra – Talia Grace Peretz

Profile: Talia Grace Peretz Remember the Source Israel #loveandalliscoming ואהבת לרעך כמוך Online classes: ⤵️ cdyapp.co/love-all-is-coming. Beautiful and artistic photos from Talia combined with motivation quotes and phrases.

10. TheYogaCouple – Ashley Cottrell & Mat Micheletti

Profile: Ashley Cottrell & Mat Micheletti We believe we can become the change we want to see in the world and we believe we can do it while we yoga. Today’s pose of the day! www.yogajournal.com/advanced/eka-pada-sirsasana/. Ashley & Mat perform many solo poses, present challenges for their followers and explain their poses in detail. Brilliant yoga Instagram for advanced and beginners.

11. KinoYoga – Kino MacGregor

Profile: Kino MacGregor Practice Yoga Change Your World ⚜Classes: www.kinoyoga.com Periscope/Snapchat/FB @kinoyoga OmStars!! Our Line of Yoga Clothes!! www.omstars.com. Kino posts amazing photos from all around the world and inspires almost one million followers on her Instagram page.

12. Laurasykora – Laura Kasperzak

Profile: Laura Kasperzak Wife, Mother, RYT200 Next workshops: Las Vegas Mar 9, Sedona Mar 11-12. Vote for me in the Shorty Awards! shortyawards.com/8th/laurasykora17. Laura has an amazing following of over 1.1 million followers, she regularly posts pics of brilliant poses, by herself in picturesque locations, with her friends and with her family.

13. CBQuality – Claire Fountain

| that time @racked followed me around for the day | #trillyoga #mondaymotivation

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Profile: cbquality #trillyoga Yoga Teacher | Writer Snap @cbquality | Twitter @cbqualitylife | www.bodybychosen.eventbrite.com. Claire is a yoga teacher who posts up her poses and teachings for her 225,000 followers. Follow her lifestyle and yoga journey along the way.

14. PocketDwarf – Melissa Lee

Profile: Melissa Lee Wife, Mommy, Yogi, Canadian Use the code “POCKETDWARF” for $10 off your order @dharmayogawheel. Melissa posts amazing photos in all kinds of weather, multiple locations, artistic, with her family. A brilliant Instagram to follow for it all.

15. RivkaYoga – Rivka Reynoso

Profile: R i v k a R e y n o s o Yoga ० Inspire ० Adventure ० Dream ० Practice. @OpalOceanOrg • Retreats Galiano island, BC May 20-27 ⬇️ enjoy -$200 off GalianoRetreat.com. Tough poses with brilliant captions describing her lifestyle, philosophy and journey.

16. AubryMarie – Aubry Marie

Profile: Aubry. I’m becoming the most empowered, loving and balanced version of me and hopefully by doing so I inspire and empower you! aubrymarie.com. Motivational updates and some of the most calming and well compositioned yoga shots on Instagram!

17. KathrynBudig – Kathryn Budig

The time is now. #aimtrue Photo: @underarmourwomen

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Profile: Kathryn Budig Aim True founder, Yogi, Author, Yoga Journal/YahooHealth Contributor, Under Armour Athlete, Martial Artist, Food Blogger, Poses For Paws Founder www.harpercollins.com/9780062419712/aim-true. A well rounded blog posting lifestyle updates, yoga poses, yoga classes, recipe and more!

18. TaraStiles – Tara Stiles

Garden of ❤️ @wbaliseminyak pic by @margaret__zhang

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Profile: Do good things. ❤️✌️ bit.ly/1c0SqiY. Over 115,000 followers who get daily updates of Tara’s lifestyle and regular inspirational and calming captions.

19. AmandaBisk – Amanda Bisk

Profile: Amanda Bisk ☀️Perth, AUS Former Australian Pole Vaulter Exercise Physiologist Elite Athletics Coach Qualified Yoga Instructor My 12week TRAINING PROGRAM www.amandabisk.com/freshbodyfitmind. Retired Pole Vaulter, Amanda posts on her quality Instagram daily with yoga stretches, workouts and healthy recipes.

20. BrianMillerYoga – Brian Miller

Profile: Brian Miller Montreal based travelling yoga teacher. Creator of @KarmavoreSuperfoods. Workshops & virtual classes www.karmavoresuperfoods.com. Amazing poses alongside words of wisdom for all his followers, Brian is honest about his journey and how he finds every pose.

21. Masumi_g – Masumi

Posting this as I eat my kale for breakfast. The key to a good day? Starting with a great morning.

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Profile: Masumi MIT➡️Wall Street➡️Yoga ❤️Beating Lyme, one day at a time ❤️Gaiam Spokesperson Co-Founder of Two Fit Moms masumi_g@twofitmoms.com m.kohls.com/product/prd-2342807/two-fit-moms-daily-yoga-for-beginners-dvd.jsp?submit-search=mobile-ta-keyword&isFrmTypeAhead=true&isFromSearch=true&search=two%20fit%20moms%20daily%20yoga%20for%20beginners%20dvd. One half of ‘Two Fit Moms’, Masumi posts great updates and motivational messages along with her poses.

22. ActionJacquelyn – Jacquelyn Umof

Feeling grateful today {:@maggiezulovic || bikini:@lspaceswim} www.ActionJacquelyn.com/GetStretchy

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Profile: Jacquelyn Umof Former Laker Girl Creator of @GetStretchy #MyYearToGetStretchy Challenge Starts Monday, Jan 25! Download your challenge guide here actionjacquelyn.leadpages.co/myyeartogetstretchy/. Flexible yoga poses that have been beautifully shot. Jacquelyn also includes videos and progress shots!

23. LizArch – Liz Arch

Profile: Liz Arch Founder of Primal Yoga. Lover of handstands, martial arts, & proud Board Chair for the Purple Dot Yoga Project. Online classes: www.oneoeight.tv oneoeight.tv/a-powerful-exercise-to-release-negative-emotions/. Amazing yoga pictures and videos from Liz, usually on the rocks or by the beach.

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